Ghana Had 9 Regions Under Kufuors NPP

Tue, 23 Apr 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Watch This: Ghana Had 9 Regions Under Kufuors NPP

Adminstration From 2001-2008

If you want to defeat an opponent soundly, you have to pin him to the ground, suffocate him with mud and put pepper in his eyes, yes, red not pepper in the eyes of your polical opponent, you then take mud from a stagnant water to fill the mouth of your polical opponent. This was said by Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, a.k.a. Sir John-the soul mouthed General Secretary of the violent prove NPP when he was addressing NPP supporters at Mantse Agboana, James twon a suburb of Accra during the lunching of the parts National campaign. That statement was in line with the infamous “All die be die” mantraley the president candidate of the NPP in order to win the 2012 elections at all cost. These Asante/Akyem policians went on to pour uncomplimentary language at that rally by stating that president John Mahama was a “spare tyre” only fit tyre” was able to complete the journey and won the race in the first round leaving those with brand new tyres in the NPP far brhind and they rather became the loser-what about that? You see, pride goes before a fall NPP must know this. For the first time in the history of this country since independence in 1957, a whole people from the Volta Region were completed SOLATED and they were the only Ghanaians who suffered the pain and disgrace of having their border closed at short notice on 7th December, 2008 election, contra by to the assurances by the NPP government to the Diplomatic Community that Ghana’s border would remain open during the general elections. These Asante/Akyem politicians false believe that Ghana belong to them and so they can do whatever they like with her with impunity. My brothers and sisters in the great Volta Region have actually proved to them that they (the Voltarians) are not blind, or hopeless to see the injustice, disrespect and open contempt of the Ewes by the Asante/ Akyem leadership of the NPP since time immemorial and this will continue until thy kingdom come-mark my words, for it will come to a time when the NPP would have no Ewe supporters of their party in the Volta Region and when that happens the NPP would cease to become a Registered political party in Ghana since it would only have offices in 9 Regions minus the Volta Region whose people the leadership of the party love to hate with contempt and disrespect. They are devil inspired satan directed politicians since 1951 to date 2013, that is why they hate the Ewes in Ghana. With out apologies to anybody, all those who hate the Ewes are cannibals, and cut throats who are not fit to live in decent society at all. This writer is not an Ewe but I have mentors and friends who hail from the Volta Region who are not men of straw at all. They include the former President of Ghana.Flt,Lt.J.J.Rawlings, Captain (rtd) Kojo Tsikata, Professor Kofi Awoonor, Commodore Steve Obimpeh, Brigadier Anyidoho, Hon.Dan Abodakpi, Hon.Joe Ajaho, Michael Agbotui, Soussuodiss, Mr. Roger Beckles, Mr. Kofi Portuply, Captain (rtd) Nfodjo, RSM Jack Bebli during the revolutionary era and several others including lawyers, engineers, police offices, military officers, diplomats civil servants and what not and yet these Asante/Akyem politicians were stupid enough to alienate a whole people in the Volta Region and expected them to vote massively for the NPP. This country must be seen to belong to all Ghanaians and not the people of Asante/Akyem now leading the NPP to nowhere in the political arena. Were the NPP members able to pin NDC members to the ground and put pepper in their eyes? No. Were they are able to put mud in the mouths of NDC members as directed by the NPP general secretary in 2012? No were they are able to implement their infamous “All die be die” agenda in 2012? No what are they now up to? Answer. They are all confused, heavily indebted and have no time to look at themselves and credit their political opponents for their superior political skills and their ability to exploit chances to their advantage. All these were happening in Ghana under EX-President Kufour’s NPP Government from 2001-2008 and yet the media was looking the other way, the Clergy was silent, the so called civil society groups were silent, our numorous NGO’S in political colours were silent, the IEA was silent. The Ghana Bar Association was silent CHRAJ was silent the Trade Union Congress was silent, the National House of Chiefs was silent as J.A Kuffour the president of Ghana in 2001 effectively alienated the Volta Region from the rest of the country by refusing to appoint a single minister from that region to ensure regional balance in the appointment of qualified people from all the regions in line with the 1992 constitution yet we brag that we are one people, one nation with one destiny. This is completely false at best we are deceiving the youth of Ghana who form 80% of the population and posterity will not forgive all those who have championed and are still championing this UNGODLY PATH. I am however, exempted because I don’t believe in tribalism injustice, disrespect to other tribes and contempt of other tribes that is why I have written against it. When the 31st December revolution was launched in 1981, by Flt.Lt. J.J.Rawlings who incidentally hails from the great Volta Region, this writer came into contact with several distinguished patriots from that Region. They are (1) Michael Agbotui Sousoudis, Captain (rtd) Kojo Tsikata, Victor Gbebo, Dr. Yao Graham, Mr. Biadala Mortey Akpadzi, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah, Mr. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Professor Kofi Awoonor, Brigadier Anyidoho, Mr. Peter Gator, Major General Akafia, Ex-Inspector Domie of the Ghana police service, Mr.G.K. Agama- former governor of the Bank of Ghana, R.S.M Jack Bebli, Mr. Doe Tamakloe, Togbe Fuga, Togde Afedze, captain (rtd) George Nfojo, Mr. Champion, Justice Francis Kpegah, among countless others from the Volta Region. Therefore, if ex-president Kufour could tell Ghanaians that his NPP government did not get majority seats from that Region during the 2000 general elections and went ahead to form his tribal government from 2001-2008 by completely excluding the Ewes from the Volta Region, it means that the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2013 had never being fair to other tribes and will never be fair to other tribes in this country. The NPP does not only disrespect people from the Volta Region and the Northerners but other tribes as well. That was the main reason why the NPP had no seat in the Volta and Upper West Regions. You see, patriotism does not mean that one should be a slave at all. Ex-president Kufour decided to ignore distinguished patriots from the Volta Region and rather appointed some well trained professional thieves from among his Asante/Akyem politicians who always put a particular tribe before the people and lose general elections. The forebears of these Asante/Akyem politicians crippled Ghana through the bloody 24th February, 1966 coup and further drove a huge nail in the coffin of Ghana in 1969 under the thick lipped Dr. K.A. Busia and Ghana remained in that coffin until Jerry Rawlings opened it on June 4th 1979 AFRC era, within 3 months, he handed over to a civilian regime led by Dr. Limann and his PNP government who also drove the nail back on the coffin again. Jerry Rawlings struck with 8 patriotic soldiers ON 31ST December, 1981 and completely destroyed both the coffin and the nail and revived the nation, Ghana which was in comma for several years. If the NPP does not take care, there will be a time when their party will not get a single office in for the party in the Volta Region and when that happens the NPP will cease to exist as a political party. When it comes to Nationalism, the Volta Region produces 99% of Ghanaian patriots so these Asante/Akyem politicians can not compare themselves to the Voltarians in this country. Going down memory lane- Histroy is very helpful since it serves to remind us of our past and we allow yesterday’s experience to guide us into the future. On February, 24th 1966 Emmanuel Kotoka who led that murderous coup was a colonel in the Ghana Armed Forces, One of the masterminds of the coup, A.A.Afrifa was also a Brigadier in the Ghana Armed Forces, Albert Ocran who also played an important role was also a colonel in the Ghana Armed Forces, one year later Kotoka was assassinated on 17th April 1967, but he was already a lieutenant general, having promoted himself three ranks up A.A. Afrifa also promoted himself three ranks up in a matter of 12 montfhs. Eminent chiefs from his hometown organized a huge durbar and were clad in all while huge cloths and decorated “General” Afrifa with the underserved title “ Okatakyie” to wit, a warrior- who were they? Answer . the Asante/Akyem politicians now leading the NPP today and are trying to make the country ungovernable just because they have lost the 2012 election on December 7th. Therefore, the 1966 bloody coup de’ tat was staged because of Selfish Interests and not in the National Interest as falsely claimed by the Western backed nation wreckers who collected $ 13 million dollars to stage that bloody coup in 1966 and rapidly promoted themselves, looted the national treasury, sold out 68 factories that were in full operation at the time of the coup to Western countries who backed them to stage that coup- and Ghana in 2013 now imports every thing including tooth picks in this country. Who were they. The Asante/Akyem politicians now leading the NPP today 2013, and their Motto is that when they are not in power, then Ghana must be in flames. Without the patriotism of the Ewes in Ghana, this country would have been sold out right to

the Western countries for peanuts by these Asante/Akyem greedy politicians whose forebears crippled GHANA since Feb, 24th,1966. Until the emergency of President Rawlings, Ghana was a laughing stock in the eyes of the international community. I will continue to pound these Asante/Akyem politicians like fufu for them to eat with their innocent wives if they don’t stop deceiving GHANAIAN YOUTH. I shall return when the need arise. “Jaanbie Iwaii”

Aluta Continua.








Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement