Ghana Has Created A god She Can’t Worship Forever

Fri, 8 Jul 2011 Source: Ablorh, Raymond


Ruling NDC of Ghana is facing a political crisis which is packed with

lessons not only for its party members, but, for all Ghanaians and maybe

the whole of Africa. A little over three decades ago,

J.J. Rawlings was an ordinary soldier serving the state. Like many other

Ghanaians, he was disgusted with the socio-economic situation borne out

of horrible politics, and managed to get some people follow him with

the hope of bringing some drastic and very much needed changes to our

society. In the first coup attempt, he was arrested and detained, but,

having touched the hearts of his fellow colleagues early on with very

selfless speeches, they risk their lives to take him out of cells and

made him a King. I am trying very hard to imagine his

thoughts and feelings when he heard the cell was being opened to get him

out. Perhaps, he thought about what he would tell God if he got to him

in eternity. Many a Ghanaian rightly and genuinely

accepted him and worked very hard with him right from the AFRC through

the PNDC era to the NDC. But, because he is a soldier and jumped the

political fence to power those who worked with him feared and seldom

criticized him like he’s doing others today. They rained praises on him

and made him felt like a saint who knows no sin. Those who criticized

him from among his well known opponents he dealt with them drastically. In

2000, the God who brought him out of cells to do the house cleaning and

holy war and build the country chose Ghana another man, J.A Kufour to

continue from where Rawlings had reached. But, the All loving, All

clean, all Acountable Rawlings kept insulting him day and night. It is

only fair that I say Kufour sometimes retaliated, thereby, making babies

of both of them. It isn’t, however, on record that

anybody in the NDC told Rawlings that wasn’t the way to go as a former

president. Sometimes, he was even praised for telling what his praise

singers (I nearly wrote songers) called ‘truth’. Very

often, sycophantic party members metamorphosed into communication gurus

to explain better Rawlings’ utterances and communications which nobody

in the world understood, not even Rawlings himself, apart from them.

Members of the NPP, on the other hand, complained bitterly about

Rawlings’ attitude towards Prez Kufour. His allegations, rumors and

insults which the NDC supporters called TRUTHS, the NPP’s called LIES. Everybody

apart from Atta Mills and I, mistakenly thought that with his party and

Atta in office, they would hear less of his insults, wild allegations

and rumor mongerings. Today, he’s on top of the roof asking Atta out of

the driver’s seat after two years of what he calls slow driving. He says

his wife could do better. Is Rawlings knowledgeable,

wiser and intelligent than everybody in Ghana? Does he love Ghana than

my grandfather, Michael Ablorh, whose name you wouldn’t have known had I

not written it here now, but served this country as a teacher from the

age of 18 until 60, mostly in rural communities and went home with

virtually nothing? Interestingly, the NPP members who cried out loud against

Rawlings’ LIES yesterday now think he’s a TRUTH teller. Kufour

isn’t loud. He's noted for that; he can't do to Mills what Rawlings did

to him. But, isn't Rawlings doing his work for him after all? Or,could

it be that he understands Mills better than anybody else? What solid

achievement could Kufour mention in his first term. Positive Change Part

1 was called a FOUNDATION and part two saw most of the things the NPP

boasts about today. Health Insurance, Feeding programme and most of the

projects you could think about came in the second term. Kufour wouldn’t

be an hypocrite to say Mills has done nothing. It is time

we started thinking about how to build mass parties around principles

and not around personalities. Rawlings is a great man. Ghanaians

appreciate all what he has done for this country, but, we can’t show

appreciation beyond what we’ve showed him and his family all these years

by making his wife a president. He has done his part, and should allow

others to do theirs. He, like every other citizen has the right of

expression and as expected of Kwame Nhyira, he must exercise his

responsibly towards nation building. Ghana has lived

beyond Nkrumah, the man who announced our independence and showed so

much commitment towards national development. And, if Rawlings dares

God, Ghana would live without him while he’s still alive. It’s so

painful to see such a great man misuse is charisma and throw his glory

to political power after much service to country. BUT, who made him what

he has become today if not Ghanaians and NDC in particular?

Raymond Ablorh


Columnist: Ablorh, Raymond