Ghana Health service would be better if Nurses work harder like they have sex

Fri, 27 Oct 2017 Source: Frederick Mawuli Ackumey

In United States of America (U.S.A), I understand there is a popular dictum “Think of what you’ll do for America, not what America will do for you,” but in our part of the world, Africa, narrowed to Ghana ,its vice versa.

We overly chastise our political leaders on everything without knowing we are also part of the government and have a role to play to make the country a better one.

Ghana is never for politicians, but for the entire citizenry. I think inasmuch as we would blame political leadership for the hardships in this country, we also need to undergo paradigm shift in the way we think, and do things.

There are times that we expect to get a lot after doing very little or nothing.

Civil and Public servants such as nurses are incredibly bone lazy, and tend to avoid taking responsibility for their actions; preferring to play the ‘blame game’. My point is that, whilst leadership has to carry the pan for the current situation in this country, as a people, we also need to change our mindset and work hard, because you only reap what you sow.

We live in a country where corruption has engulfed everyone, and has become a tattoo on the skin of almost every citizen.

From the baby being breast fed to the old man walking with a walking-stick. We live in a country that, you send someone to buy something for you, even after taking transportation fare from you,they would deliberately inflate the price of the product in order to make some money.

In Ghana, true honesty is scoffed at, and the ability to take undue advantage of others to make a few extra coins is praised. As a nation, we have a serious problem! Civil servants picket and demonstrate against the economic hardship in the country,and demand increment in their salary without genuinely asking themselves how effective or efficient they work in public firms to make Ghana, a much better place.

Health workers especially joke with their jobs and expect fatter salaries, but still expect the economy to become stabilize and flourish. How do we expect this after making country a bitter place to live with our lethargic attitude towards work which impregnate inefficiency, giving birth to low productivity.

Government or leadership can be blamed, but we have the lion share of the blame of the hardships as citizens, because our sickening attitudes does not enhance high productivity. We must all start to deal honestly and objectively with ourselves ; intellectual and moral honesty and personal courage are the hallmarks of great character for effective output.

I am cocksure if all workers especially nurses put in the same serious and passionate effort in making love to please their partners in their field of work as well as all civil and public servants, the country shall also experience ‘orgasmic’ progress in every sector of the economy as we make our partners feel.

Columnist: Frederick Mawuli Ackumey