Opinions Wed, 4 Sep 2013

Why This Curse in Sissala Land

Fellow District men, honourable members, and my brothers and sisters, we the leaderships of Young Democrats and Concerned Democrats are highly beholden to your presence here. It shows the enormity your attach to your duty about the development of our districts in the aspect of roads. Honestly, in our opinion, the level of professionalism, intelligence transparency, wholeheartedness, God fearing, generosity and good governance of president John Mahama were actually brought to light in the Ghanaian society when he appointed Hon. Alhaji Amidu Amin Sulemani as the Minister for Road and Highways which is very vital to the development of Ghana and for one to be proud of as Northerner.

Surprisingly, we the Concerned and Young Democrats in the Sissala East, West, Lambusie, and part of Wa East districts are disappointed, pessimistic, regretful and absolutely not fascinated by his (Hon. Alhaji Sulemani) actions regarding the development of our districts. His total and deliberate neglect for the roads linking our communities has been a major concern for us. His priority is to fuel his air-conditioned Landcruiser with the poor taxpayers money to laze round the region in search of young girls in their teens. Indeed, he is so promiscuous that he "snatches" young girls who are either committed in relationships or have been dowried (engaged) to be married soon.

Fellow district men, my brothers and sisters, we the Concerned and Young Democrats are deeply stunned and dumbfounded about his lackadaisical or half-hearted attitude towards the development of our districts. In actual facts, he is a patriot in the reverse order who is only interested in fighting for political supremacy. He feels very pompous, extraordinary and very callous in his political career. He is saturated with greed, myopia, unreligious acts and despicable decisions that are retrogressing we the Sissalas and the other ethnic groups living in our districts. We thought his 'Alhaji' status would have made him redeem our religion and help develop our districts in the aspects of road construction at least. On the contrary, he is a threat to Islam and the development of our districts. For instance, he arrogantly parked his car at a spot around the Wa Central Mosque where worshippers normally use on Fridays. On the said day, angry youth ruined insults on him to move his car away and he did so immediately. His prodigious love for hatred, prostitution and other amoral acts have always dismayed us (the Sissalas) so persistently that we now want him to know that his questionable moral acts have revolted the entire Sissala population both at home and in the diaspora. We always doubt if there is really some amount of Sissala blood in him at all. Such a leader is a curse to us; we would have preferred a minister by the devil that we don’t even know.

Fellow district men, my brothers and sisters, to be sincere and honest with anybody who might have been hearing us, our honourable minister is a baron of incompetence. We gargantuanly thought that his bloodily relationship with the Sissalas would have motivated and gingered him to wholeheartedly develop our land. In reality, the President’s effort at appointing and 'maintaining' him as a minister has proved useless null and void and fruitless. We would have sincerely wished that this ministerial position be given to an indigenous, patriotic and an illiterate indigene among us who would be respectful, generous, God fearing, sympathetic and would also be highly critical of the development of our dear land. The opposite of our aspirations are met by this Hon. Alhaji Amidu Amin Sulemani.

Despite being the Minister during previous NDC's regimes, his mismanaged all that he got and eventually become as poor as a church mouse during NPP's rule and even resorted to lecturing at UDS. Fortunately for him, NDC's victory in 2008 resulting in his being appointed as an Ambassador to Egypt where he re-started mobilizing wealth. Ultimately, he was brought back to the Upper West as the Regional Minister and sponsored wholly by the government to campaign for the parliamentary seat of Sissala West Constituency. To our greatest surprise, he continuously brags of the agonies, tragedies and traumas he went through in generating his own funds to contest the 2012 parliamentary elections. This is man that is very ungrateful to his own government.

Now, he has suddenly become a man of laxity through the taxpayers' money. Although his unkind, unfaithful and unsympathetic behaviours are as glaring as an elephant on a well-mowed lawn, we probably thought that the agonies he went through during the Kufuor's Admin would have reformed him a little if not totally. His attitude begs this question, "If we were all unpatriotic like you (Hon. Alhaji Sulemani), would we have voted for you to be an MP? Anyway, 2016 is just a second way! He scowls his face whenever some natives called on him to assists their wards to get jobs, and he has a rapacious and marked propensity to grab foul wealth. Our fear is that the NDC may lose the 2016 general elections in the entire Sissala land as a result of the action of this egocentric honourable minister. Our advice to our short- sighted minister is that, ministerial position in Ghana is not Janna (Heaven). He should stop his barbaric and 'military' speeches since we are in a democratic era or otherwise he will be an absolute and complete disappointment and failure to our society.

Fellow district men, my brothers and sisters, the hypocritical individuals, stomach politicians and greedy and selfish individuals will be induced by him to write rejoinder to disassociate themselves from this our call and we will duly give a rebuttal when necessary.

Long live the NDC, Long live John Dramani Mahama, God Bless Our Homeland Ghana


Columnist: Osman, Dimmah