Ghana Is Not Safe In The Hands Of President Mahama....

Sun, 30 Aug 2015 Source: Ashitey, Emmanuel Amarh

.... And The NDC Ruling Party

Anytime i wake up to see a new bright day and realize President Mahama and The NDC party is still ruling our beloved country Ghana, my heart saddens much.

Mr President and his cohort do not have good heart and thoughts for the future generation, the innocent children, the youth and the Aged.

This ruling party hardly thinks of Ghana, but the Leadership always think of POWER.

The thieves who call themselves Government Officials have always been stealing and looting the taxes/monies of the poor taxpayers like the kayayes, truck-pushers, ice water sellers and the likes, yet no punitive actions are given. They move around freely all in the name of "MY PARTY IS IN POWER"

Interestingly, Mr President protects these thieves, looters and criminals through his nice strategy called "GHANAIANS SHORT TERM MEMORY PROCESSING"

The strategy is also referred to as "COMMITTEE FORMATION"

Uncountable committee formation on terrible stealing and collapse of mother Ghana have deceptively been formed by Mr President. Few and memorable ones are WAYOME, ISOTOFONE, GYEEEDA, SADA, BLACKSTARS SAGA, DUMSOR, FIRE OUTBREAK, THE 3RD /4TH JUNE DISASTER and so many others.

These committee further cause much financial lost to the state, but surprisingly Mr President who cares not do not implement the reports such committees come out with.

Most reports by these committees are kept under Mr President's pillow and he sleeps and snores on them.#?HIPPOCRATIC? AND DECEPTIVE MOOD ACTIVATION BY MR PRESIDENT.

Mr President who confidently believes Ghanaians have "no big brains and long memory" to recall past events (SHORT MEMORY SICKNESS; An outbreak disease in Ghana that affects all Ghanaians) keep on keeping on forming similar committees since no one holds him responsible for the implementation of the committees reports.

Honestly, we Ghanaians are talkatives. when an issue pops up, all Ghanaians will divert their attention to that particular alarming issue,talk saaaaaaaaa for at most two weeks and forget it as another issue pops up, without ensuring there is effective solution to the previous issue.

we Ghanaians have opened the door for most politicians to "fool" us by taking us for granted.

we have allowed Mr President to deceive as and shake his buttocks on the street freely, and Ghanaians who claim they love Ghana still praise him.....FOR WHAT?




hmmmmm.... shaking my head. I wish i could dissect the brain and heart of such Ghanaians and detect whats wrong there.....

I want to ask Mr President, his cohort/followers;

which of the committees' report has fully been implemented?

how do you feel when you steal money from the poor taxpayers?

are you happy with the current Ghana?

are you sure you love Ghana?


There lie dead bodies of innocent children who lost their lives because of doctors strike due to your failure to negotiate amicably with them......

There lie dead bodies of innocent incubated babies who lost their lives because of "dumsor"

There lie dead bodies of innocent Ghanaians because of unprecedented cholera outbreak/fire outbreak/ flooding due to your failure to ensure proper sanitation policies, proper drainage system and environmental security policies.

How many of these government officials drink these humans blood spiritually and physically?

Kofi Ghana de Libra asks.................

Holy Ghost fire you all (officials who are responsible for the blood spilling spiritually)

It is heartbreaking that the government refused to think wisely on social media security till date.

What prevents our leaders from being proactive?

Our Leaders wait unconcern till the worst happens before making false attempts to solve the issue deceptively.

The unbearable unemployment rate has influenced the youth to engage in SAKAWA, MONEY RITUALS and finally join ISIS.

I strongly believe with no doubt that if ISIS makes this recruitment opportunity open to all Ghanaian youths, about fourthy-five (45%) of the youth will openly show up to join ISIS all because of unbearable and unprecedented unemployment rate and untold hardship.

President Mahama, his cohort/followers should be weeping in shame for their failures.

If Mr President loves Ghana, loves Ghanaians, thinks of the future generation, the innocent children and the aged, he would never think of contesting the pending NDC Presidential primaries.

His name "PRESIDENT JOHN MAHAMA" will never be forgotten for all these evil happenings.....


Columnist: Ashitey, Emmanuel Amarh