Ghana Is Slowly Being Ruined By An Elite-Rip-off-Culture

Mon, 4 Jun 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

- Underpinned By Unfathomable Greed

By Kofi Thompson

The phenomenon that is Martin Amidu, Ghana's former Attorney General, offers patriotic Ghanaians (of every imaginable political hue), a tantalising view of what Ghana would be like, under a truly principled and fearless anti-corruption-crusading president.

Thanks to Martin Amidu, the outrageous, nation-wrecking Alchemist's-fool's-gold attempt, by Fidelity Bank, to turn a toxic loan to Balkan Energy into a balance-sheet asset, at Ghana's expense, is now public knowledge.

It will make it that much harder for the powerful crooks in the Mills administration, to allow Ghana to be short-changed by Fidelity Bank and its roguish rip-off-merchant clients, that sodden Balkan Energy.

Their nearly-successful behind-the-scenes sleight-of-hand manoeuvre, using an unpatriotic National Democratic Congress (NDC) lobbyist, to try and get the government of Ghana to agree to an out of court settlement, of an attempted rip-off of Mother Ghana (of gargantuan proportions) by Balkan Energy - in which the government had an "iron-clad case" (to quote Martin Amidu) - will now almost certainly fail.

And it is thanks to the brave and principled Martin Amidu. (God bless him - and protect him from his enemies.)

That is how things ought to be in our country - which is slowly being ruined by an elite-rip-off culture: underpinned by unfathomable greed.

And that is why we must all join Martin Amidu's anti-corruption crusade.

Alas, it is pretty obvious, reading between the lines in his press releases, that he is being put under tremendous pressure, to keep quiet, by senior Establishment figures whom he obviously respects. Heaven help our country.

Columnist: Thompson, Kofi