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Ghana Need a change in Thought-Space Computational Dynamics

... to combat Corruption.

At the most fundamental level or at the being level or in the face of quantum factor, thought-space computational dynamics is a digital information system (Physical-Matter or Non-Physical Matter) with entropy. Entropy is a measure of disorder. In information system we have Low Entropy and High Entropy.

Low Entropy (High Quality) is an organized information system that does profitable work (good work), good work brings happiness, happiness harvest love and peace. For example, organize your work materials and you will do well, become happy and love because the future will be bright. . Clearly Love and Peace are derivatives of Low Entropy.

High Entropy (Low Quality) is a disorganized information system that does bad work, bad work brings unhappiness, unhappiness generates Fear and Fear brings Wars in all aspects of life. For example, disorganized work materials does, bad works, the bad work makes one unhappy and hence fear of bleak future. Clearly Fear and War are High Entropy characteristics.

Fear the opposite of love generate illness, is creatively expressed as ego, belief, expectation, wants, needs and hence corruption. Moreover, belief creates expectations, wants and tons of ego especially by people in position authority to feel that they are untouchable but forgets that the High Entropy thought –space dynamics will affect future generation. Currently, High Entropy (Fear based) Democracy is now the now. Some politicians and religious leaders creates God in their own image and likeness (a bigger version of man with ego and revengeful nature) to put fear people to get what they want and eventually become very corrupt. The problem is if hammer is the only tool you have, then every problem becomes a nail.

We need a paradigm shift in our thought-space dynamics to weed out corruption that is growing long grey beard by understanding the probabilistic and statistical (computational thought-space) nature of corruption. No amount of noise (High Entropy information) making or deterrents alone can’t solve the corruption problems.

The only way to weed out corruption is to eliminate Fear and Ego. Getting rid of fear and ego by default makes one become love. Becoming love is the key. Love is the nature low entropy system (God is Love).

Jesus Christ became love (Low Entropy) by eliminating Beliefs in the old way of thinking, Fear, Ego, expectation, wants and needs that is why he was able do profitable work.

Every decision one makes in fractions of seconds is about self (ego) and so decisions based on other eliminates ego and hence fear. Ego is a derivative of fear.

No matter what career or life-situation you end up in: Believe/disbelieve nothing, Be skeptical of everything, Have an open mind, and Learn to live gracefully with uncertainty because life is probabilistic and statistical in face of information system (Digital Physics). The above are the keys ingredients of the mindset that facilitates Breakthrough (Paradigm shift)

Beliefs can be a trap that can forever restrict our though-space computational dynamic (thinking). It is only open-minded skepticism that can increase decision space for one to collect his or her own data to assess the possibilities and probabilities to come to a well informed conclusion.

We are in the digital information age that is shaping our thinking and way of life, so organized information infrastructures need to be made available to enable individuals to do profitable work so that corruption will be an illness of the past.

I’m not asking you to Believe or disbelieve this article, just think about it and come to your own subjective conclusion.

By :Joe Klatsi, MSc.AE

Columnist: Klatsi, Joe

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