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Ghana Needs Ideas To Develop — Not Politics!

There was a time, when I used to be very hard on myself. I couldn't accept failure — nor was it considered an option! And so, I tried my uttermost best to succeed in all my endeavors. By doing so, I discovered something about the human mind and how it relates to our thoughts. Remember, the human mind — by and of itself — is nothing without a thought. In other words, it's a thought — which instructs the mind. A thought is a programme — and the mind is only there to project the thought into reality! In a nutshell, the mind doesn't do the thinking — nor does it shape our thoughts. The mind's function is to execute a thought. Nothing more, nothing less! One may ask; so, what creates a thought? And, how does it enter the mind? Well, a thought is synonymous to an idea. As you and I know, an idea comes by uninvited. It comes out of the blue! It’s not something — which the mind creates. Remember, the human mind doesn't create anything. It's an executioner of ideas! So, an idea is something — which one gets. It's not subjected to the universal law of cause and effect! It simply enters the mind from thin air.

Now, throughout human existence — men and women of ideas have been the ones at the forefront. They shape and affect our individual lives in more ways than one! Some of them leave a legacy for future generations to take a cue or marvel. Of course, others create a foundation — which the human race could build upon. Contrary to popular belief, there's no such thing as a bad idea — for all ideas serve a purpose. It's this truth — which contributed to the unprecedented success of the western world. Again, it's this truth — which liberalized the western societies. Prior to the age of liberalism, personal freedom was less to none — especially in the western world. The Church ruled commerce and trade, including everyday affairs. The people couldn't think for themselves! In fact, it was deemed heretical to go against the teachings of the Church. And so, science, progress and wealth-creation were less — for ideas were expected to conform to the Holy Scripture. Poverty became the fate of many until the arrival of liberalism!

Liberalism gave the western world permission to be all that it can be. It permitted everything and shunned nothing! Science, progress and free-thinking quickly ensued — and they catapulted the western world into the golden age of wealth. Things haven't been the same ever since! Today, one cannot talk about great scientific breakthroughs without mentioning the western world. It's also impossible to talk about technology without mentioning its input. Now, I don't know if some of you have noticed this — but it seems to me that the people in the western world are getting more and more ideas to do greater things. All the great inventions, with an exception of a few — are coming from the West. It should come as no surprise! This is what happens in liberal societies where ideas are stimulated, encouraged, invested and developed. That said, I would like to believe that Ghana has a liberal society. Though, I know that she doesn't. I would also like to believe that Ghanaians are open-minded. Though, I know that we are not.

In comparison to the West, Ghana is more than a hundred years behind. And, do you know why? It's not because of our corrupt politicians or weak leaders. Though, I must admit that they have played a role in our retrogression. It's because we Ghanaians don't do anything with our ideas. Some of us have plenty of ideas, but we don't do anything with them! Moreover, we are less supportive of those with ideas. As consequence, those with ideas either leave the country or abandon their ideas to wither. The latter seems to be the case in Ghana! So, how do we expect this nation to rise? This is the question! Remember, ideas build nations — not politics. This much is true! What's also true is that an idea, without a mind — cannot be realized. In Ghana, religion has deactivated the minds of many. Most Ghanaians can't reason, let alone think for themselves. Hence, the low creativity amongst many Ghanaians. Now, one can be given an idea. To be precise, an excellent idea. However, if the mind, which is needed to execute the idea, isn't functioning — then the idea will amount to naught. It’s simple as that! Mind you, the mind has to function properly if it's to project an idea accurately. The record has shown! So, let's free our minds, shall we? Let's embrace liberalism — and all ideas will serve their purpose accordingly.

Welcome 2 The Age Of Renewal!

Source: The Emperor
Columnist: The Emperor