Ghana Needs Visionary Leaders To Rule The Nation

Tue, 29 May 2007 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Ghana has been in the pangs of political incompetence for most part of her rebirth as an independent state, saddled with visionless leaders, lacking in the exigencies of statecraft.

The successful acquisition of political independence from the British colonialists with the immediate accompaniment of self-declaration of Ghana as the torchbearer of Africa, and the commensurable dignity thereby accorded her, have miserably been eroded away through the catalytic corrosive attitude of our politicians. The hesitant-turning socio-economic wheels of Ghana have then screeched to a halt as a result of the accumulation of neglect through, myopia, lack of know-how, and total incompetence of our leaders.

However suicidal it is to dwell on the hurts of the past, there is the obligatory need for revisiting it as a guide though a bitter lesson, then backtrack to the point where we got it all wrong to start afresh, regardless of being of age, fifty years old, but with nothing measuring up intelligently enough to show the world for our maturity. The calamitous effect of the actions of our myopic corrupt leaders, and the dismal reaction of the nonchalant populace for not holding the leaders squarely accountable, is the present state of Ghana where things are tumbling, the centre least capable to hold. However, the laymen in my estimation may get me wrong confounding nation building, with the erection of concrete structures, stylish buildings made possible by the Ghanaian Diasporas, with nation development which really is conspicuously lacking, hence the impending doom of Ghana.

One would well be justified to suggest that we would have been far better still under the direct colonial rule than under the combined direct rule of the indecorous fellow Ghanaians, and the indirect Whiteman's protocol-induced administration remotely executed through our mostly puppet leaders. Much as I respect the opinion of any such author, I will preferably agree to disagree with them as the solution for our wellbeing lays in our own hands but none else.

It is just unfortunate in the case of Ghana that the democratic dispensation of governance of which we have unquestionably taken after, dictates that a miniscule number of people forming the party delegates, nominate, elect and impose presidential candidates on the electorate. Most often than not, politically an orator who though lack in substance and egoistically visionless, is compelled to be chosen to lead the nation because they were able to grease the palms of the majority of the party delegates with a few thousands or millions of Cedis. In this case, the unblemished foresighted ones with clout to wrestle Ghana out of her socio-economic nosedive are sidelined for choosing to stay squeaky clean, while others were purchasing when the conscience of the delegates was on sale for peanuts. This goes to tell why almost all our leaders, both elected and militarily self-imposed, have never been achievers as far as the well-being in real terms of the Ghanaian development is concerned, or, goes.

Do the Ghanaian leaders, in bracket with their other African counterparts, think that their ever cherished over-reliance and total dependency on foreign grants and loans, sitting back, relaxing and watching, bring their countries back to a course of economic reason? My unequivocal answer to them and those that they rule is a big NO! This is a wishful thinking by lightweight political non-starters who keep dreaming of fantasies throughout their political life, without ever realizing anything tangibly commendable for their people but perpetual disgrace, underrating of intelligence and abhorrence of their black skin colour simply because of their lack of ingenuity. Ghanaians , and in that case Black people, are mentally and psychologically scarred for life for their inability to perform certain requirements, functions or tasks, without always looking up to the White counterparts for assistance. What a breed of people?

It has come about the time that Ghana can no longer linger in pain and humiliation with leaders devoid of the dynamics of modern day politics still at the helm of its affairs. We then need leaders who will strife to extricate us from the excruciating subservience of which we have reverently succumbed to. Leaders of ego who believe in the worth, integrity and self-being of the Ghanaian through the prioritised use of own local resources be they human, mineral endowment or whatever, are needed to rule Ghana and Africa to help curtail if not eradicate, the stigma and negativities associated with the black skin colour.

Professor Frimpong Boateng, the NPP Presidential aspirant has been observed closely and interestingly, this man is best suited to rule Ghana. In this time of our economic and social wilderness, Mr. Frimpong Boateng has got the imposing managerial, know-how, forthright vision, honesty, gospel willingness and the faith, to carry Ghana through the tunnel to see the light at its end. I admire him for his strong personal view on how best to get Ghana through to middle income status in less than no time, utilising fully our own natural and human resources rather than the usual kowtow-borrowing from foreign White neighbours, continually looking up to them to perform even trivial non-intelligence demanding tasks for us.

Many presidential aspirants full of big promises and sweet political speeches but hollow in the delivery services, are flooding into the political arena. Do Ghanaians need further more leaders who only see as far as the tip of their nose in terms of socio-economic emancipation of the country? Any rational person will answer in the negative, thus, NO! We need dynamic leaders who out of passion for the black race, will act responsibly and judiciously using our own local resources to help reduce our over dependency on the White people as though, we are intellectually inhibited people unable of performing certain minor but necessary tasks.

My reasons for mentioning Professor Frimpong Boateng for the onerous task of Ghanaian's presidency will be discussed and expounded in my subsequent write-ups so stay tuned in to your print and electronic media. My forward battle to liberate Ghana continues unabated until both the battle and the war are won.

"Aluta continua"

Rockson Adofo, London

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson