Opinions Mon, 11 Feb 2013

Ghana Rejects Homosexuality in Toto

Homosexuality has never been a good sexual practice in the eyes of many a rational human being in both the developed and developing worlds. In Ghana in particular, and in most African countries, it is an abhorrent sight to see two persons of same sex engaged in sexual relationship. It is a taboo by our traditional upbringing.

Homosexuality is becoming contagious owing to the ridiculous desires and personal agendas of some disgraceful politicians. When one takes Britain for example, a sizeable number of their Members of Parliament and Government Ministers are homosexuals. That goes without saying their urge to push through legislations to bring homosexuality at par with heterosexuality in all fronts of sexual relationships.

One could see that all the unnecessary agitations for the rights of homosexuals as obnoxiously championed by politicians are to serve their parochial interests as just explained above in the case of Britain. It is therefore without wonder that they pushed through a legislation years back to reduce the age of consent for homosexuals to sixteen same as it is for heterosexuals. Then about eight years ago, they passed a law to allow homosexuals to stay as recognised partners. On 5th February 2013, they have voted in their House of Commons (Parliament) to accept the official marriage of homosexuals. The law will eventually oblige churches and priests to officiate at gay marriages. This is in sharp contrast with certain vital stipulations in the bible.

Not long ago, they were proposing to include homosexuality in school curriculum (sex education) to teach to pupils from the age of five upwards. This is where homosexuality becomes infectious. If a child of five starts learning about homosexuality, and he/she is taught it is normal; it comes along with all the benefits guaranteed to heterosexual relationship, what will the child become eventually? Those who are not born gay will be tempted into it, seeing it is as normal as any straight relationship. This is where my worry is and how the absurdity about all the attempts by the governments to push through legislations to further the gay rights become manifest.

Take the hidden deal the President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, might have made with a gay activist in the USA for example. This man gave him US$20,000 by way of purchasing a copy John Mahama's book launched in the United States. John Mahama wins Ghana's election albeit gargantuan fraud, now an issue of controversial contestation in the Supreme Court. He then appoints a Human Rights lawyer who champions the cause of gay people, Nana Oye Lithur, as the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection. What nonsense is this? Against all protestations by majority of Ghanaians, this President riding on a stolen horse is adamant to the expressed views and concerns by Ghanaians not to have that woman in charge of that particular ministry where she can easily propagate homosexuality throughout Ghana.

Have you seen how a myopic, corrupt President can bring unprecedented woes and doom upon Ghana? I hope my readers now do understand how homosexuality can become, or has become, infectious. Most of our little children will grow up to involve themselves in that act.

Do you want your son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, family member or friend to be infected by homosexuality with its attendant HIV/Aids and stigma? I want you to be a judge unto yourself.

However, Ghana says without mincing words, NO TO HOMOSEXUALITY. IT IS AN ANATHEMA, UNNATURAL AND DISGRACEFUL. I personally do not care about the opposite strong views expressed by my fellow columnists writing from other parts of the world. If they are happy to be gay or support gay rights, who cares? Nevertheless, they should not seek to encourage gay activities in Ghana, period!

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson