Rawlings Gets Tamed by President Mills

Thu, 30 Sep 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The vindictiveness of Former President Rawlings knows no boundaries. He is resolute

in his determination to scour the nation of all those he sees as his political

rivals or enemies. He always sees himself as the head but not the tail; Mr. "Not

only Born to Win but Born to Rule". In exercising his strongman's powers, he has

become a law unto himself. He has become like a jealous male lion that ruthlessly

wards off other lions from intruding upon his marked out territory. He selfishly

defends his interests without fear or favour. But little does he know that there is

time for everything under the Sun, the Moon and the Stars - time to rule, and time

to be ruled.

President Mills from the abundance of his wisdom has slowly but surely tamed

Rawlings. Rawlings who has always been like a roaring lion looking for someone to

devour cowers wherever the shadow of President Mills surfaces or falls. He shivers,

sweats profusely and prostrates. He has become utterly confused. His dreams of ever

ruling Ghana through Atta Mills, the person he had earlier assumed to be a puppet,

are shattered forever. All these actions are visible only to the discerning minds.

How has President Mills been able and continue to tame Rawlings, one may ask? Being

such an intelligent man, he has chosen to remain calm and calculated even when the

going gets rough and tough. Rawlings continues to be an impetuous person who is as

quick tempered as one can imagine. As President Mills remains silent while Rawlings

throws all over the place his tantrums, he Rawlings, in the end, feels blanked.

Mills does not react to Rawlings' actions, demands and propositions. Feeling

neglected and unable to raise audience with the President, Rawlings is compelled to

mellow, which he has. Mr. Mills is never perturbed by the incessant insults heaped

on him by the Rawlingses. He is mentally and psychologically insulated against such

childish behaviour by the Rawlingses. As "Konongo kaya" as he is presumed to be in

the eyes of the Rawlingses, he will still limp on with the load on his head though

tired as he is. He will never give way to the greedy

Rawlingses to carry the load until he wears the Kingly crown.

President Mills has cleverly broken the backbone of Rawlings as long as his NDC

support base goes. He has implemented the strategy of winning the majority of the

die-hard NDCs to his side by dominating his government with Ewes and Northerners,

the very guys from whom Rawlings draws his support. Those in government with their

numerous supporters have declared their allegiance to Mills. This makes it hard for

Rawlings to pursue his numerous malicious agenda. President Mills has resolved not

to get distracted by Rawlings no matter how far he insults him. This attitude of the

President has drawn a sharp knife through the heart of Rawlings, forcing him to calm

down like a pet dog.

All along, Rawlings has exhibited great ignorance in his sayings, assumptions and

plans. He is still wearing that cloak and spectacle of militarism of yesteryears.

Anyway, it says, "Your ignorance will slap you in the face" and this is exactly the

situation Rawlings finds himself currently. The combination of arrogance,

greediness, selfishness and egocentrism has helped to reduce Rawlings to a laughing


More grease to the elbows of President Mills for calmly but cleverly reducing

Rawlings to Mr. Nobody, Mr. Rubbles may be. No blow was thrown, no bad-mouthing, no

intimidation, yet President Mills has succeeded in his plans to inflict mental and

psychological pain on Rawlings. Once he understands that he will never rule Ghana

again, the better it will be for him and his family. He can continue to bark like

any toothless dog, he cannot bite. Though it's said "it's not over until it's over",

it's truly over for Rawlings no matter how meow, meow he cries.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson