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Thu, 24 Aug 2006 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi

Our country is at the moment moving unto the edges of tyranny and anarchy, if what I have been reading on the web is anything to go by.

I wonder why the Ghanaian politician would not like to learn any lessons at all. These people have assumed supreme control of everything we do to the extent that,even if it were possible,they would like to control even the air that we breath.

This is a country that has passed through upheavals that you would think people put in position of trust would respect that mandate and honour and execute the responsibilities assigned to them in the best interest of Ghana. They are all saying they love Ghana,but their actions and deeds,show the opposite.

Then you ask yourself but why can't that being called Ghana rouse itself and take a stand once and for all? Our situation shouldn't have been as hopeless if we had men of vision,to take the country forward.

For all his short comings,nobody has ever,in the history of Ghana,said any corrupt thing about the father of our nation,Dr Kwame Nkrumah,of the blessed memory.

But what about the latter day saints after him? Dr Busiah was kicked out like a rotten commodity just because the CPP would not allow Open market economy to thrive in Ghana. People say so many things about him, but people with vision, would realise our debt of gratitute to him. Where in the world would foreigners be allowed to control the commercial sector of their economy? We would have folded our arms and the land Ghana, would today,be the exclusive preserve of Nigerians and the Lebanese. Kofi,we are grateful. As for Acheampong and all the subsequent coups in Ghana, they were not needed at all.

Yes, I was in Ghana in 1978, when Gen A A Akuffoh,the then Head of state allowed open military trial of Rawlings when,on 15 May, 1978,he and junior officers attempted a military coup.

I was in Ghana in 1979,when he was freed from custody to lead the AFRC. Yes, I took part in my small way as teacher in Kumasi, to help sell things under controlled prices.

They were madness,which bordered on selfishness, greed, hatred and coverteousness. I don't have so you should not have. What did we achieve?

According to Rawlings and his band of adventurist, the only corrupt people in Ghana,who needed to be killed, to save Ghana from corruption were the following: Gen Akuffo, Odartey Wellington, Acheampong, Afrifah and Air Vice Marshall Yaw Boakye, Commodore Amedume and all those killed in the name of a so called revolution,which purpose was to eliminate one class of leadership and entrench another group.

My point. Why can't we as a nation,identify the major cause of poverty in Ghana today? Why can't we as a nation work against the common enemy,the Ghanaian politician,who is strifling us even of the breath we need to breath in order to survive as a nation? Until such a time that we can call a conference like they did in France,where they put all the politicians into a stadium,to write and approve a constitution for that country,the Corrupt Ghanaian politician would continue to bleed us all dry.

I am therefore supporting what Obed Asamoah said last week, we should rise up and challenge all those parading around the corridors of power, under the guise that they alone,can save from abject poverty.

They, politicians, have no solutions to our problems. The solution is you and I who would not stand to challege them.

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Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi