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Ghana comes through again

Arthur Kobina Kennedy Newly Ghanaians voted out a sitting government for the first time in the December 7 elections.

Mon, 12 Dec 2016 Source: Arthur Kennedy

By Arthur Kennedy

Last week, Ghana went to the polls and covered itself with glory.

The people, after 8 years of not seeing the change they voted for, voted for new change. In the process, Ghanaians voted out a sitting President for the first time. It would an understatement to say that from America through Gambia to Ghana, this has been a humbling year for pollsters and punditocrats.

And he made a concession phone call to his opponent. There will be time to chart the NDC's path , from victory to defeat but it looks eerily familiar-- the harassment of defeated opponents, the corruption, the self-righteous arrogance and the impunity.

They must take heart in our democracy and believe that sometime in the future, the people can give them power again. But if the path to defeat is familiar, the path back to victory will be familiar as well -- for both parties. They demonstrated, once again, the ability of power to change people, often for the worse.

The EC, despite some tardiness, did its job well. While it was not perfect, it is obvious that it took on board, important lessons from the 2012 elections and subsequent court case. While it should continue to learn, it deserves commendation.

Without doubt, the man of the moment is the President-elect, HON. Nana Akufo-Addo.

He tried repeatedly to gain this office and has gained it in stunning fashion, despite being counted out by many. He deserves, not just our heartfelt congratulations but our best wishes and goodwill. One, it is said, does not quarrel with success.

The mantra of his campaign was "The battle is the Lord's ". In governance, as in campaigning, let that continue to be his guide. As it is written in Psalm 127:1, "Except the Lord himself buildeth, they labour in vain that try to build".

May God build Ghana through this new President and this new government.

And may he richly bless Ghana.

Columnist: Arthur Kennedy
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