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I'm For Peaceful Election On Dec.7

I am Ivan Kyei Innocent (Nana-Kyei), l preach peace and harmony ahead of the December 7 elections to my fellow youth, it's has become imperative l help create on-top of the mind awareness to obviate any potential threatening situation likely to erupt to destabilise the peace we enjoy before the elections and aftermath.

I understand that, we the youth are most vulnerable to be used as stooges or play pawns in the big cheers game of power seekers owning to numerous challenges we face in various aspects of our lives.

Most of these power seekers realising this capitalise and tap into our greatest weakness which is rage to prescribe to us violent purpose which is very enticing and difficult to resist.

Data available in our sub region has revealed that the various confrontations in most Africa countries which escalated into full scale war demonstrated massive youth involvement.

In those instances the youth, both employed and unemployed became susceptible recruit candidates for those evil adventure.

The enticement fees for these violent acts are not always in monetary terms, it ranges from cheap political promises to ideological brainwash of unsuspecting young men who mostly avail themselves for such recruitment exercise in solidarity and allegiance.

Are you aware that some unscrupulous politicians are scheming to mimic these aforementioned examples in the coming December polls.

Are you also aware the posible candidates for this evil business are the youth,

But listen to me my fellow youth, l have heard several discussions in the media by some individuals championing and chanting war retorics, singing war choruses, instigating , inciting and prepping people mentally for post election commotion if the elections do not go their favour.

I have listened to people championing ethnocentric supremacy, casting tribal, chanting cultural bigotry, regionalism and comments that are seditious and inflammatory in the open in an attempt to buy mental convictions of party sympathisers.

But l tell you these people have never seen real war before, their only experience of war is what they watch form Hollywood movie theatres so they still believe they exist in a fantasy world, l recommend you read a copy of a book titled

"Guns Over Kigali" written by Gen. Anyidoho, a book which chronicles and gives a picturesque description of Rwanda genocide dated April to July 1994.

This will help you appreciate the real act of non-fictional

war. How city street become choked with dead human bodies, brutal assassinations and exiles. War is a disaster no reasonable person will patronise no matter the reasons.

My brothers these characters are our enemies who are prepared to sacrifice the future of this country which belongs to you and l to satisfy their insatiable quest for power.

I understand they have already reached out to some of you but it's never too late to make the right decision.

You are too relevant to be sacrificed for such unjust political course.

Considering how war has impacted negatively on the development of most African countries, war is no sensible alternative to be considered by any youth.

These intellectual mercenaries who go about selling war dispositions are never themselves going to get involve neither are their families, your life is expendable to me so they feel comfortable using you as a disposable tool to harvest their political interest however the cost involved is not important.

I still can vouch for a Ghanaian, let's rekindle our moral rectitude to kill any desire for a hire.

Let's prove to them that even though we swim in the pool of vulnerabilities, we have our heads on,

Let's prove to them that even though we may not have attained higher degrees in education but we are not intellectually gullible.

Let's prove to them that even though the fat bundle note of cedis they offer as violent fee is very tempting, we love and appreciate the peace of this nation more than anything.

We understand our disposition to commiting violence is irrefragable but not irresistible, we have the capacity to throw the devils package under the buss for the love of country.

The proponents of this war theory are strategically planning to premise this exercise on hollow accusations of the electoral commission of Ghana as bias entity whose operations are in direction contravention of the principle of fairness and equity and have since started punching holes in the integrity and the credibility of the commission.

The chastisement and bastardisation of the electoral commission is expected to continue on a speedy wavelength few days to the elections to give credence to their course.

The declaration by the electoral commission after the elections must go in their favour else trouble will befall this nation but l tell you that the various security teams are fully prepared to counteract any act of violence likely to be spearheaded by these old guys, in this light l admonish my fellow compatriot to stay away from any electoral related violence.

The current government is committed to the creation of convinient and congenial atmosphere for the youth by resourcing them through the introduction of youth friendly policies structured to guide the youth to a better future.

It's therefore imperative the youth of this country take cognisance of the situation and strategically position well to grab these diverse opportunities created across various sectors of our economy.

I understand it's essential we contribute to the building of intellectually resourceful youthful society where every youth will be equipped with the adequate capacity to decipher and dissect keys issues confronting our nations from a nationalistic perspective and filter out the excess partisan inclined assessment of situations, so that cheap lies and deception will not longer become the propagandist tool of the dishonest elites who fancy riding on lies to cage the youth and slit sanity out of them and turn them into violent tools to wreck mayham.

It's very disturbing to listen to some media reports that some of the youth have already been transformed into bunch of miscreants undergoing combat skill training at coded destinations to unleash terror and vandalism on the electoral process on December 7.

Hell knows no fury like the rage of politically brainwashed fundamentalist. It's in this light l admonish my fellow youth to endeavour and resist any brazen attempt to subject them to any partisan brainwash campaign.

It's our core mandate as future leaders to secure the security of our democracy to consolidate our democratic and credentials and fortunates, and how do we do that ?

We have to play active roles by availing ourselves to happenings across all sectors of the economy or be informed adequately on the true state of the nation, such intellectual resourcefulness with help to diagnose what amount to propaganda and reject them so as to dispel any likely predisposition to violence which is premised or built on naked lies.

Our country has a brighter future, there's absolutely no reason to give in to violence, let's not allow ourselves to be used as conduits to lite any act of violent likely to plunge Ghana into a sad state of anarchy.

Let's avoid violence and vote for peace on December 7 and sure l harbour a strong conviction that Ghana will win, the Bible is my witness........

From: Ivan Kyei Innocent /0247892010 /nanakyei81@gmail.com

Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei