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Ghana is short of factual and honest sports presenters

Ghana is short of factual and honest sports presenters

Wed, 30 Jul 2014 Source: Raymond Yeboah

Gone are the days where sports journalism in this great country of ours had so many selfless and dedicated characters who present stories as it is.A sports program me when listened to boost ones moral to pursue a dream to be like the host.

Today,the work has turned out to be money.There are so many presenters who lie just for money and others who extort money from players in order to get them national team selection.Look at how presenters are jumping from one station to another all because of money so lack of consistency affect their job and for that matter delivering becomes poor.Any genuine and non- stomach sports presenter would never called for GFA president Kwasi Nyantakyi's resignation or sack based upon his achievement and record so far.No Good sports presenter would rise against Kwasi for just ended world cup non -performance.A competition that swerved all the big guns and positive analyses must proved to us that is not all the time Ghana must progress from group stage looking at the nature and the history of the competition.

The man has well sold Ghana football to the highest level and he needs commendation not hatred.

Kwasi, for now is a potential CAF President and no one at the moment in this nation is at his level.The radio stations should know that, the perception of recruiting the seasoned sports journalist is not a solution,those guys follow their stomach,no critical research because they are only paid to condemn.

There are so many huge titles circulating on sports programmes which deviates from its image,the likes of the so called mature and academic sports where it doesn't criticize but support only the good course of Kotoko in Kumasi.

Some of the sports presenters are passed their era and should resigned to pave way for the upcoming ones,the likes PJ Mosai,Kobby Jones,Frank Nero,Apraku,Sometimer,Joe Laca ,Songo,Acoustic,Striker ,Mosshosho,Abate and the likes should all-resigned from the system because their hosting and presentation still bears the same old format,no development.

i am done

Source: Raymond Yeboah