Ghana loves an active citizen not a passive citizen

Mon, 18 Aug 2014 Source: Blege, Alex

…..“Stroke of my pen” : Ghana loves an active citizen not a passive citizen

We are all involved, politicians, journalists, lawyers, teachers, nurses, head porters, traders, and drivers in building our mother land. Some may not have the opportunity to hold a ministerial position or that position which affords the holder to walk on the corridors of power.

However, every individual plays a certain role in the building of mother Ghana. It could be that young man or that young woman teaching in Asuboi, (Tano South District) or that trader who goes to Dambai to buy that yam tuber that is needed for the home.

Nation building is not only for the man who has been put in an office to administer the affairs of that nation.

The greatest role in ensuring that a nation is built firmly is for the citizens to consistently and constantly keep those who have been put in charge of the affairs of the state on their toes.

The story is told of three friends, “The Bird, The Climbing Plant and The Tortoise. On one sunny day, the three friends were all at their abode- a big mahogany tree in the middle of the forest. The Bird kept singing because of the news he had heard from his lover.

As a matter of fact, I am sure he was singing Amakye Dede’s ‘Akoda Wesewa’. Serious!!!!!!!!!!. You know how Amakye Dede does it.

The Tortoise had the inkling that his friend’s excitement could land them into trouble. Since he, Tortoise was far below the trunk of the tree, he called his friend Climbing Plant. Tortoise told Climbing Plant to advise their friend who is so much in love to tone down his voice.

Guess what Climbing Plant told Tortoise, ‘hey! Tortoise why are so jealous of Bird, a bachelor like you, I am aware that you do not have a lover like Bird does. Leave him alone! Allow him to express his love in rhymes, lyrics and in rhythms.

A hunter who had combed the whole forest throughout the early morning of that day with nothing to take home was drawing closer to the sweet voice of the Bird.

As the hunter drew closer, he knew that there was no way he could fail to gun down the Bird. This was because; a few days ago, he had had a verbal whiplash from his wife who was waiting for him to come home with some game. What caused the whiplash? He went home to narrate to his wife how he nearly killed a deer. His wife exclaimed, ‘who prepares soup with a ‘nearly killed deer’. Since then he made sure he didn’t miss his target.

Tortoise then decided to let Bird know that his singing will bring them trouble. Bird knitted his brows at Tortoise and said, ‘di wu fie asem’.

The hunter aimed at Bird and poh! No I missed it this time around. No I nearly killed it this time around.

Bird comes flying down as blood oozed from his head. Unfortunately, he fell right in front of Tortoise. The hunter walked happily to pick up his target. Lo and behold, Tortoise was hiding himself and praying that the ground beneath him will swallow him up. The Hunter said to himself, halleluya, I have killed Bird and here I have Tortoise.

He picked both friends up; as he knew how though Tortoise was slow but crafty, he wanted to tie them both. Then he saw Climbing Plant and before Climbing Plant could say anything, the sharp machete of the hunter had slashed him. He cried so loudly, but his tears did not save him. He was used to tie Bird and Tortoise together”.

Oh now back to my active and passive citizens. Some men and women have decided not to shut their mouths and sit by as BELOVED MOTHER GHANA goes through her hard times.

These men and women who decided to speak their minds are not in my estimation in the camp of any politically party, but, wait a minute Chinua Achebe said something that about the Mother Monkey. She says, “I can speak for the little one inside my belly, as for the one on my back, ask him yourself”.

Honestly, the nation is going through crisis. Things are not just adding up. People are losing hope by the second. However, the administrators of the nation do not want to hear people criticise them. There is nothing wrong with accepting that things are hard and that the nation is heading for trouble.

I will make no bones of this matter. You see, the men and women who decide to speak about the bad economy of this nation have an obligation to do so. They are equally feeling the pinch. Probably, they are not catering for their children alone, but, for their nieces, nephews, grandparents, old uncles and aunts who at one point in time or the other gave them help.

It is very painful for those who are managing the affairs to paint a beautiful picture of the situation when in reality all is not well.

The Bible chronicles the role Men and Women of God played to save nations. A man or woman of God may not be a politician but he or she is a Ghanaian. The matters that affect Ghana affect them too.

When the ship sinks, they may lose their loved ones……………. They can’t afford to be passive like The Climbing Plant…. They have to be active. Ghana can only be saved when we have active citizens across the length and breadth of MOTHER GHANA.

Let those who are on the other side of the corridor of the power pick notes and lessons from what is happening now. It is possible the boot can shift to the other foot. They will inveighed against strongly by Ghanaians if they repeat what is happening now likewise will they not be denied the due praise if they do well.

ALEX BLEGE, kw.ameblege@hotmail.com/www.gudzetsekomla.blogspot.com

Columnist: Blege, Alex