Ghana must work the right way

Fri, 27 Oct 2017 Source: Michael Maclean Botwe

Indeed, we are in a lawless country, Ghana where corruption is punished by transferring or relocating the perpetrators, where nepotism and favouritism are preferred to qualification, where public servants work without security of tenure of offices, objectives and targets of the public servants are blown by tsunamis, where all government contracts and businesses are carried out haphazardly and inflated.

The government appointments are bloated at its pinnacle, the government is challenged by invisible and delta forces, because they have received and are still receiving some forms of support from despicable personalities, and these so called 'forces' now decide who should be appointed, because they were empowered and promised everything when they were in opposition.

It has turned into a situation where, the President would have to start consulting them before making any appointment, else they will continue attacking new appointees. Maybe, these invisible and delta forces will soon request power sharing agreement with the current government. Mind us, Ghana belongs to peaceful creatures and for that matter, help save Ghana from unhealthy and uncomfortable rule!

Mr. President, I humbly admonish you, not to give heed to lawlessness and may you reprimand anybody found guilty of corruption according to the laid down entrenched and enshrined clauses in the Constitution of Ghana.

May God protect and safe our Motherland, Ghana.

Michael Maclean Botwe

CT 5023, Cantonments-Accra.

Columnist: Michael Maclean Botwe