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Ghana needs a paradigm shift

.....from current beliefs to have Peace and Prosperity.

We are all victims of a belief (cultural, religious, objective science) trap. Believe breeds fear. Ego is a derivative of fear . Fear and ego are the primary generators of divisiveness and confusion. Beliefs are the only ties that can bind a mind. A body may be enslaved by others while a mind can only be enslaved by itself. Only Knowledge and courage via Open Minded Skepticism (OMS) can set mother Ghana free to explore the unlimited opportunities to work together, knowing that Ghana can rise together as a nation , work together and the gates of peace and prosperity will be opened to all and no one that shut.

To get ready to work together, Ghanaians have to drop fear and ego. To get ready, I mean working at the being level not at the intellectual level. Getting ready at the being level, means putting our energy and focus on working together for a better Ghana where everybody is given a shot at life irrespective of their background. Most of us will convince ourselves at the intellectual level that we are ready now and let us work together but that is at the intellectual level. Ghanaians should get rid of the ego and fear in all aspects of our lives and unconditional love (being level) which is the opposite of fear will guide everyone to live in peace and harmony.

Someone will say how can we get rid of my fears and ego in my life? Life at the basic level is a digital information system. Information is a collection of data and we collect data every moment of our lives through our five senses digitally into our digital brains) and interface with the digital server (spirit/consciousness/ mind). Basically data stream collected are modeled, analyzed and hence our individual and shared life experiences. The choices we make become actualized events and the choice we don’t make are the un-actualized events. Now you see that real life is more statistical and probabilistic (subjective) instead of the current objective and deterministic world view of life. Objective view of life is a subset or an approximation of subjective life.

Every aspect of life is statistical and probabilistic. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get, so politicians and their followers has to learn how to live gracefully with uncertainty for peace and prosperity. What does digital information have to with Fear and ego? Fear is just high entropy information system. Entropy is a measure of disorder. High entropy means high disorder. Disorganized information does bad work, bad work creates unhappiness and unhappiness yields fear. Just have disorganized information and you will do very bad at work or on examination etc. Love, the opposite of fear is a low entropy information system. Organized information does good work, good work brings happiness, bliss breeds love. In second law of thermodynamics (Physics) systems does good work at low entropy and we human beings are systems.

Jesus Christ for example exhibited the lowest threshold entropy by getting rid of fear and ego to become love to affect everything around him. People of his time killed him because of their ego and fear ( Beliefs).

Jesus, I think employed OMS to collect digital data in the increased decision space (universe) to lower his entropy to do the good work together with his followers and non-followers to create a paradigm shift. So are many prophets and good ego free and fearless leaders who have other people interest at heart Jesus is not a believer; he knows and understands the universe via OMS. To paraphrase, he said to his followers that, if you employ OMS and look within you, you can access the data available to me and do the same or more things that I do. Only OMS can help concepts defined, possibilities raised, new perspectives raised, old conclusions re-evaluated, and goofy ideas debunked. In human history beliefs have slowed down progress. People who know that the world is round were killed by flatlanders, classical/Newtonian and the theory of relativity physicists are reluctant to embrace quantum mechanics because of fear and ego. A student may ask a quantum mechanics Professor to explain the actual meaning of the subject matter and the professor will say shut up and calculate. In the way, a priest is confronted with when the universe was created by God (base on carbon dating evidence), he will say shut up and pray. Fear and ego (belief) is in control.

The next ego and fear will push back the fact that real life is a digital information system and we live in a computer simulation( We are characters in a Virtual Reality). Lose all your five sense that collects data digitally and you will have no life. Just think about it.

Please don’t quickly just jump to a conclusion that make you feel good, supports your beliefs, and reduces your discomfort. Use your knowledge and courage ( Open Minded Skepticism) to look around the world; then look at yourself, your community, your neighborhood and office. Pull your old country and world history textbook, objective scientific text book, cultural norms and take another look. Gather your comparative data- then taste the desert. Accept no one’s opinion; come to your own well-studied conclusion and together Ghana will have long lasting peace and prosperity (Manufacturing and Aviation to support other sectors of the economy).

By: Joe Klatsi, FAA A&P, BSc.AE, MSc.AE

(Aviation ,Aerospace and Subjective Science Researcher)

Columnist: Klatsi, Joe