Ghana needs strong opposition party

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 Source: Osei, Ruth Appiah

By: Ruth Appiah Osei

University of Nordland, Norway

Email: rappiahosei@gmail.com

Date: 26th October 2016

Ghana needs a strong opposition. Every country, every democracy benefits from a strong opposition. When people like Dr. Nduom challenge the system or speak out about injustice, it does not mean they do not like President Mahama.

It simply means they probably do not trust his government to do the right things for Ghana all the time. It is not personal. The people have to speak up when the president's appointees mismanage his government' s affairs; when they do things that damage the country; things we hold dear, Education, Health, Energy.

The Cedi stops at his desk. When the Economy does well he gets the credit. When his appointees abuse their positions, he should call them to order. Yes we want strong institutions, not Gestapo type heads wielding dictatorial powers. Ghanaians have a right to stand up and define the argument.

A vibrant opposition works to make Ghana a better place for all. Ghana our dear Motherland will be a better place if the voices of the opposition are heard. There is a strong appetite for change and progressive politics . And it is not bad.

All the good people who want a better Ghana should speak up when the institutions paid by our tax monies are used to suppress opposition voices. Democracy is a work in progress, it takes all sorts of ideologies to make it work effectively.

Ours is a young one, we cannot afford to settle on only two ideologies. We need a few more years of trying to determine if we need only two parties in the political arena. In the interim, credible small parties should be encouraged to develop. Opinion leaders who are supporting the government's agenda of suppressing the voices of smaller parties that have conformed to the Political Parties's law, but through minor technicalities and selective injustice, have been forced out should rethink their positions.

Columnist: Osei, Ruth Appiah