Ghana, risk being public enemy ahead of Brazil 2014

Mon, 9 Jun 2014 Source: Andoh, Isaac Kyei

On countless occasions at major sporting events, Ghana has emerged as the team of choice for the neutrals.

Our ability to bond with strangers, open mindedness, fun loving nature and general excitement at being with foreigners appeals to people who love the game of soccer just for the fun of it.

In South Africa 2010, “The whole world” was behind us except Luiz Suarez and his “satanic” hand.

Unfortunately, for the very first time, we risk going into a major tournament as black sheep and to some extent public enemy number one.

All this is the doing of one evil and selfish glory hunter- Kweku Bonsam. Perhap worse than his boss- satan, the self acclaimed Ghana’s most powerful witch doctor had the effrontery to brag about causing harm to the World’s most popular footballer heading into the world cup.

This assertion has been very highly publicized and is currently one of the most viewed news items on a number of international news sites the past week. Goal.com, arguably the most popular soccer news site in the world is just an example.

The comments underneath this news confirm how the world has taken the news. http://www.goal.com/en/news/89/africa/2014/06/04/4860608/i-am-behind-ronaldo-injury-problems-claims-witch-doctor?ICID=SP

Kweku Bossam may have done his trade the trick it needs to attract more “ignorant” clients both domestically and internationally but if he has an iota of pride in being a Ghanaian, then he should be ashamed of what he said and regret its impact on the nation’s image.

Our overly zealous and unreasonably sensational media houses should also share the blame. Serious discerning media house give the right people the platform to contribute to what is trending.

How on earth would a serious media house give Kweku Bonsam a platform on a sports program when we have credible voices and brains of the game?

The hard truth is Ronaldo means more money to FIFA than the entire Black Stars Team put together. Singularly, he sells more jerseys than our whole national team players put together.

His over Fifty Million fans on facebook alone is nearly twice the population of Ghana. FIFA would rather have him at Brazil than Ghana as a nation.

Should he feature, every tackle on him will be met with eyebrows raised and unnecessary cautions because the impression created even before the commencement of the tournament is that we want him hurt

Apart from the fact that the world craves to have the best player in the world to feature at the global showpiece, Africa has paid a lot of price for the West’s perception of Africa as still stone-aged barbaric continent. Hosting the tournament in South Africa four years ago did leave a much positive impression on the continents.

However, the local-news-gone-international has painted Africa’s image near as black as it used to be- or at least Ghana’s.

We will never be forgiven should the world’s most popular footballer miss this tournament coincidentally due to this useless claim.

It is about time the so called witchdoctors in this country shut up and allow us apply the scientific approach to the game that has brought many nations so much successes.

We all want Ronaldo to play, we might not have a single player close to half the stature of the Portuguese, but we have a team every manager will crave for. Collectively we are better than the Ronaldo Portugal that drew with Northern Ireland at home during the qualifiers and needed a playoff to be at Brazil.

I’m waiting for what Kweku Satan will say if Ronaldo features against Ghana. I know the media as always and unfailing in “our” below the belt standards will give him the platform to talk

Ghana may be loosing our lovely image in soccer ahead of the tournament and I hope it does not affect the psyche of our players who are not use to being public enemies in major tournaments.

It is very un-Ghanaian to openly take responsibility and credit for the sufferings of others.

Kweku Bosam should be inducted into Ghana’s Hall of Shame for subjecting the whole nation to international ridicule.

Isaac Kyei Andoh

Columnist: Andoh, Isaac Kyei