Ghana's Elections in the light of Buhari's resounding Victory

Wed, 1 Apr 2015 Source: Imoro, Issah

"Ghana's 2016 General Elections in the light of Muhammadu Buhari's resounding Victory"

Nigeria, Africa's most populous country has proven to the entire world that its citizens are upright men poised to do what is necessary for the good of their Nation and has set a lofty and envious example for other countries to emulate.

The citizens entered the March 28, 2015 general elections at a time when their country was plagued with a myriad of gargantuan problems key among which were increased insecurity, incompetent and failed leadership, corruption and poor management of the rich resources of the country.

The incumbent President, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, a young and energetic 57 years old man who had garnered over 22 million votes in the April 2011 elections was predicted to face a tough opposition from 72 year old Muhammadu Buhari who pulled a little over 12 million votes in the April 2011 during which age was used as a major campaign tool.

At a time when the incompetence of Goodluck Jonathan and his Government was soo glaring owing to Increased Insecurity (Boko Haram), Corruption and an ailing Economy, there was the need for change. This need for change, however, was faced with several challenges such as Tribal politics, Religious tensions and biased partisanship.

For a country with diverse ethnic and religious groups coupled with a history of violence in previous years, opponents of Muhammadu Buhari fashioned a scheme of allegations against him spanning from him being the architect of the Boko Haram insurgency to his alleged intention of establishing an Islamic state in Nigeria. They went further to allege that he was a fanatic and tribalist who would allocate all the resources of the nation to the North.

In addition, his fierce opponent, Goodluck Jonathan represented the PDP which was the largest political party before the elections with supporters spread across Nigeria and having strong holds in the North were Buhari hails.

However, in a strong display of love for country, the Nigerian electorate defied all odds to punish the incompetent and corrupt Goodluck Jonathan's Government by voting for Muhammadu Buhari in an unprecedented fashion without even a second round. This victory has a lot of lessons for Ghanaians who will be going to the polls in 2016 particularly considering the similarity in status quo.

In a country faced by glaring corruption and ineptitude of our leaders who employ similar types of propaganda as used against Muhammadu Buhari to stay in power so as to loot the resources of the Nation, we as Ghanaians have no option but to be decisive and firm when the time comes. John Mahama and his Government have shown clearly they have failed and do not deserve our mandate again. It is our obligation to ignore all the lies and propaganda they churn out so to seek favor. They woefully fail to tag the NPP as an ethnic party just as they use the age as a propaganda tool.

If Nigeria, with a population of over 173 million and thirty-six (36) states have chosen a 72 year old Muhammadu Buhari to manage their Nation what about Ghana with a population of about 24 million and ten (10) regions?

If Nigerians defied the alleged tag of fanatic and religious bigot attached to Muhammadu Buhari and still voted for him to rid their Nation off corruption what about Ghanaians who have an incorruptible personality like Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo?

If Nigerians defied their biased partisanship to the PDP and voted for Muhammadu Buhari, a retired Major General to tackle Boko Haram and the increasing insecurity what about Ghanaians who have Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, an erudite Economist to head the Economic team of Nana Akuffo Addo so as to salvage our Economy?

The above areas are a few issues which Ghanaians have a responsibility to consider above other malicious lies and propaganda by the John Mahama Government which is prepared to do anything to stay in power. As Ghanaians, let us be firm and unanimous in our quest to build a prosperous Nation. The NDC Government has failed woefully and we need to punish them by refusing to renew their tenure so as to save our dear Nation.

Let us ignore all the lies and propaganda of the NDC which they generate to cover their incompetence and failure. We should never dare to exchange the needed change which is good for the future of our beloved country for the incompetence, lies and propaganda of the NDC.

No room for incompetence! No room for Lies! No room for false propaganda!


God bless Ghana!

Dr. Issah Imoro


Columnist: Imoro, Issah