Opinions Tue, 7 Aug 2012

The Asantes And The Ewes Are One People

There are some soul-extinct individuals from both divide who are trying very hard to drive a wedge between the two homogenous ethnic groups, namely the Asantes and the Ewes through their pronouncements on the web; however, they will always fail miserably. The Forces that bind us together are much greater than their ignorance. In fact, the Forces that unite the African Race together as one people is the Bantu language, the source of our various ethnic languages. Bantu language is classified linguistically as Hamitic language and it originates from an Ancient African Language which is known as the Ancient Egyptian language or The Hieroglyphic Language. In fact the study of the Hieroglyphic Language will shed more light on our own various ethnic languages as well as the Hieroglyphic Language. For example, the fertility doll is found in all ethnic groups in Africa in one form or another and it signifies ‘Life’. In the Hieroglyphics the symbol for ‘Life’ is the fertility doll in pictographic form. The source of our various Ethnic languages is the Force that binds us together as one homogenous people.

Any group of people that derives its language from one parent language has one Cosmology, and Cosmology is defined here as a process of how a homogenous group of people relate and interpret their perception of the world in the realm of all human experience, such as religion, morality, ethics, economics, education, culture, and jurisprudence. The poetic language the Asantes, Ewes, Gas and various African ethnic groups swear in their kings is the same way as the Ancient Egyptians swore in their kings and the reader is directed to read, ‘The Book Of Coming Forth By The Day’ which is erroneously called, ‘The Egyptian Book Of The Dead’, (Page 347) by E.A. Wallis Budge.

This writer insists that the Bantu People, Black Africans are the creators of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization and the Hieroglyphics is your Language, we thought all the Greek philosophers, from Socrates to Aristotle. Now you need to put on your critical thinking skills for a moment, what was in Africa that motivated all the three most important Biblical personalities to come to Africa to become somebody? The three personalities are Abraham, Moses, and Jesus Christ. What attracted them to Africa? Why didn’t they go to India or China? And in case of Abraham who came from the present day Iraq it should have been a shorter distance for him to go to India or China but he journeyed all the way to Africa to be fed and received knowledge as people come to America these days to be fed and go to school to acquire knowledge. The situation is not different from the biblical times and do not be fooled when Abraham said God sent him away from his country. The human dynamics is the same as biblical times. We taught Abraham about the Cosmic Energy, it is the same as what you call God today. The bible says, Abraham left Africa in riches. In the case of Moses we raised him up as our own and led him through the whole mystery system and he became a powerful man. And Jesus was not different, he was initiated into the mystery system at the temple of Luxor at an early age and went back to Palestine with our anointing to start his work. Indeed, Islam is not different, Prophet Mohammed went to Africa to be taught before he went back to Mecca to launch his religious movement.

My people, all those hungry people we fed and initiated them into the Mystery System to become somebody went back and their followers twisted their message later on for what we had taught their masters into a Slave-Owning-God, an alien cosmology. Their followers came back and forced their alien cosmology on us and we are now subconsciously seeking for their interest at our own detriment. Alien cosmologies have departmentalized us into zombies and we cannot think for ourselves.

In the meantime if an African is asked of his or her position on the Palestinian and the Israeli conflict the one will side with the Israelis one hundred percent of the time if the one is a Christian because the one has been taught that the Israelis are chosen children of God. On the other hand, if the person were a Moslem the one would automatically choose the Position of Palestinians because anyone who is not a Moslem is an infidel.

My people, this is the dilemma we find ourselves and there must be a one hundred eighty degrees turn from this madness. Alien Cosmologies has created an artificial boundaries and enmity between us and the case in mind is the madness going on in Nigerian. Our people are killing themselves in Nigeria because of the indoctrination in Alien Cosmologies in the form of Christianity and Islam.

Fellow Africans, we are one people and there shouldn’t be any animosity between any ethnic groups in Ghana or anywhere in Africa. The Asantes and the Ewes is one homogenous people with one Homogenous Cosmology and their respective languages originate from one parent language. The establishment of African Cosmology in every village and city in Ghana is the answer to our madness. May the Cosmic Powers Bless Ghana and the whole of Africa.

Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, M.Div.

Columnist: Obeng-Aduasare, Yaw