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Ghana's Place In World Soccer: A Book Review

Ghana, the Rediscovered Soccer MightGhana, the Rediscovered Soccer Might. Watch Out World!

Over the past 25 years football has not only taken root as the world's major game in the world but has also blossomed in other branches of society, commerce and politics. Football or soccer, more than any other factor, has united whole regions, people and nations. ?With approximately two hundred million active players,? (FIFA estimate) football can be a tool to unite the world. Indeed, today Football (soccer) has opened up new markets for itself and for the rest of the business world and will continue to be the all time sport of the century.

The Ghana national team was founded in 1957, the year of Ghana?s independence from the British imperial regime. Since its establishment the Ghana Black Stars have won African Cup of Nations four times (1963, 1965, 1978, 1982), and CSSA Nations Cup four times (1982-1984, 1986, 1987) - a remarkable achievement in African soccer. Yet Ghana,not until June 2006 in Germany has never made the list in the finals of a FIFA World Cup tournament despite nine attempts to date. There is always the tragedy of the brilliant beginner who sets the pace for a time, but does not even finish the race. This happens when a plan is not in place to keep ones? spirit high and competitive enough. This leads to the other side of the book: making recommendations to the Ghana Football Association (GFA) as to how Ghana can improve her chances of winning the FIFA Word Cup championship. Hopefully Ghana will not get spoiled by the praise and commendations rendered to her.

In any contest, the start may be important but the finish is even more crucial. Ghana Black Stars made a debut in the 2006 World Cup in Germany and made a splendid appearance beating USA, Czech Republic and holding Super world champions Italy (3 times winners) and Brazil (5- time winners) to a contestable match though Ghana finally lost both matches. By all standards Ghana?s achievement is worth spoken of being the first time in their history to have ever made a showing in the World Cup. Often a front-runner will lose strength and fade to the middle of the pack if things are taking for granted. Nothing is more rewarding than making it to the finishing line.

The purpose of this book is not only to provide history and historical account of the Ghana squad (as well as the African teams) but to spur the Ghana Black Stars on to greater heights and more returns to the World Soccer championships and eventually capture the trophy as the Brazilians of Africa.

In the book I make a case that an African nation, hopefully Ghana would win the next FIFA World Cup championship if they take time to develop and train more strikers. Ghana, the Rediscovered Soccer Might. Watch Out World! Does not only contain the history and performance of the Ghana team but also all the teams Ghana played against in the 2006 FIFA World Cup? tournament. In these pages you will also find:

1. Brief history of FIFA World Cup? tournaments.

2. Biography of all the players, teams and coaches of the African squad and opponents of Ghana; to wit Brazil, Italy, USA, and Czech Republic.

3. History of FIFA World Cup? Finals since 1930 and Shootouts.

4. History of all CAF African Cup of Nations qualifying matches (involving Ghana).

5. The biography of the 2006 FIFA World Cup? tournament technical team and a list of all the officiating referees.

In sum the book is very informative. Football (soccer) fans will find it very interesting, entertaining and beneficial .

[Book page: www.xlibris.com/Ghana,theRediscoveredSoccerMight.html ]

Source: Okyere Bonna