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Ghana's unwavering path to new leadership.

With the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) congress over culminating in the election of the people’s choice, a presidential candidate par excellence - Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, it is in order if people who believe in democracy celebrate this feat.

The end of the delegates congress marked the beginning of yet another victory come December 2008.

The “gospel truth” is that the New Patriotic Party would handover power to itself by the Grace of God, and through the will of the people.

The party has a solid history behind it, and there are visible achievements that speak for themselves to back this quest for political power once again.

The fact is, many people would be vindicated, as the ballot box would eventually prove later in the year.

With this time line in mind, it is only reasonable, that I also wait patiently to accept the “proverbial stone” from all those who share the legacy , of this enviable political culture- the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition.

Backed by reasoning, Ghanaians would surely bury quickly, without wasting anybody’s time, this so-called electoral debacle in the NPP, and the truth would follow.

These packs of lies have been well designed by the main opposition party in Ghana –the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

And it behooves the politically matured Ghanaian to diffuse these machinations through a popular reminder, simply put: that “when a knock is not inevitably yours, do not take it”.

If democracy offers a platform for providing solutions through different political lenses, then it is only appropriate, that every party stays its course without undue interference in another’s realm, though it must be stated that there should be no attempt to prevent constructive criticisms.

Constructive criticisms are good because they can be transformed into challenges. Challenges shape the course of development, and innovation.

If a party worth its value has not been given a role in another political party’s mode of operations, or has not established an electoral alliance, it is politically incorrect for that confused movement to wrongly define the destiny of an opponent.

This analogy mirrors what the NDC is trying to introduce into our body politic, as Ghana prepares for a new leadership under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in January 2009 - a leadership style that would propel our great country to the higher echelon of a new social and political life.

As we prepare ourselves for these great things to happen , we must politely suppress the venom being peddled by these political jokers, and the strange ideas they float around without shame.

By not recognizing that Ghanaians have come of age politically , that they mean serious business when it comes to the selection of a leader, clearly shows that the NDC has not learned the hard lessons in humane and truthful politics.

The more NDC bulldozes its way to become a "political corazon" , the more many political watchers view the party with suspicion and fear.

This renders the campaign for a return to political power a disturbing news, though genuine political competition is better than war.

But guess which political party in Ghana is beating war drums and promising chaos before general elections are held in December 2008?

Not a surprise, the NDC's first encounter with the truth was to downgrade the NPP congress, describing its presidential aspirants as thieves, and Johnson Asiedu Nketsiah, its General Secretary , still relishes in that pronouncement.

If, indeed, any political party needs lessons on how to respect a constitution, rules , regulations, and abiding by strict dictates of the “political game”, that party is the NDC.This is explained by the fact that its history is soaked with the blood of innocent people killed in the name of a bogus revolution that failed to record the desired social and economic tranformation of Ghana.

Ghanaians can forgive them, but we cannot forget so soon, the political tsunami that swept the human resource and financial foundation of our country during the P/NDC era, a period during which many “party faithfuls” and foot soldiers also refused to do any serious work, but engaged in clandestine activities -masterminding killings , and suppressing divergent views.

They misused power, and never will the good people of Ghana trust them. In effect, this deepens the people's resolve, as they struggle to close that dark chapter in the annals of Ghanaian politics.

That also disables a good line of thought, but has stregthened us, making it difficult to define the NDC as a matured contender for political power in Ghana, partly premised by the party’s brutish past, and that "shit bombing" agenda.

Those who want to live with the confusion and mischief have every right to do so.

But from the economic, social, and political standpoint, Nana Akufo-Addo , holds a magnificent key capable of unlocking talents, and by so doing creating an environment where people can work together to put Ghana on the threshold of change and happiness.

The celebration of opportunities under Nana Akufo-Addo's presidency would motivate people to develop themselves, guided by that great vision to manage our country through a new route to development, security, and freedom.

The good news is that, within their vituperations, the main opposition party in Ghana has not challenged the fact that Nana Akufo Addo is from a pure political stock, and is on course to become the next president of Ghana, despite a concern based on falsehood, that his presidency would facilitate the creation of autonomy for one of the feuding factions in Bawku in the Upper- Eastern part of Ghana.

On this level, it is commendable , the NDC's own admission, (minus the falsehood), that the next president of Ghana is already known.

But as this embarrased political adventure by the main opposition party in Ghana continues, only two questions come to mind.

Isn’t it odd that the NDC (subtly manipulated by its founder, former president Jerry Rawlings, but spiced with John Evans Atta Mills), is still refusing to mature into a genuine political force? And does the party believe demonstrations and lies would render the present government unpopular so that they capitalize on perceived anguish?

I would argue then, that what is emerging on Ghana’s political landscape is not new, but just strange, this potential political confrontation, of a disjointed desire to challenge the people’s choice through an odd logic and "communist inferior tactics".

In principle, these reasons and other attributes of a reckless political party would shape our political consciousnesses and the power of our thumb, thus making it possible for us to express faith in the solid democratic maturity of our country, and that of the ruling government.

What is good, they say, cannot be easily swept under the carpet, as majority of Ghanaians wait to validate Nana’s “ascension” to the higher office of our homeland.

Until then, I’ll rest my case and accept respectful exchanges that can impact a new beginning- that unwavering journey to welcome a new leader for our dear country.

His name, fermented during the liberation struggle, and connotes everything Ghanaian- Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

AUTHOR- Ato Aidoo, formerly of the features desk, Daily Graphic, Accra-Ghana.
Source: Aidoo, Ato.

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Columnist: Aidoo, Ato