Addressing Church Problems

Wed, 28 Jul 2010 Source: Tengey, Samuel

: A New Solution and a Fresh Approach

The church and its leadership deserve praise for their continued contribution to spiritual, moral, leadership and socio-economic development in Ghana. Against all odds, the church has remained committed to its mandate of evangelising, discipling and liberating Ghanaians with the gospel of Christ. I salute you men of God and church leadership: clergy and laity, whose collective contribution continues to result in the growth, progress and prosperity the church has witnessed. Indeed, many great Ghanaians, including some very distinguished politicians are products of the church.

Many such achievements, however, came in the face of numerous challenges: many pastors still struggle to come to terms with conflicts, reduced commitment, backsliding and frequent church breaks. While there are many great individuals in churches, there are sadly few great churches due to the difficulty in getting members to work towards building great churches. Background research has revealed poor leadership and bad management practices as core issues leading to divisions and instability in churches. This is weakening the church’s influence, giving occasion to her enemies, who harness the obvious disunity in churches to their advantage.

It is to address many such multifaceted church problems that Strategic Resourcers, (www.strategicresourcers.com), a church resource organisation, has been set up. Our contribution to the church is to help identify the many factors militating against church effectiveness and sustained growth, and to work with its leadership to find realistic solutions to them. We address church problems which have management and leadership dimension by adapting and adopting management principles. We have conducted research into many such problems, and the solutions we propose reflect our research outcomes. At Strategic Resourcers, our joy is in resourcing the church leadership to address their own problems in ways consistent with their systems, culture and values; we steer clear of sensitive subjects and doctrinal issues. We believe many more pastors and church leaders will find help from our solutions, which a growing number of pastors are already benefitting from.

Against that backdrop we have designed training packages in leadership and managerial effectiveness, customised to church context. We also address issues underlying conflicts, gossips and divisions, described in Songs of Solomon 2: 15 as ‘little foxes that destroy the vine’. We would be privileged to partner with you to untie the knots that hold your church from moving forward. We believe you have the resources; we are here to help you develop them to achieve your church’s goals.

I urge you to explore our website to view the range of solutions we have for church problems, and contact us on the contact details below. Church work does not have to be that cumbersome and frustrating!

Come, explore with us the new way of managing church in a stress-free fashion!

Samuel Tengey, PhD

(CEO & Consultant, Strategic Resourcers)

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Columnist: Tengey, Samuel