Kill All Ewes In The Ashanti Region, Not So Fast

Wed, 18 Apr 2012 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Sarpong, Justice

The acerbic-tongue NPP member of Parliament from Assin North, Kennedy Agyapong has

been accused of imploring Asantes in Ashanti region to kill Ewes and Ga's during a

radio programme from Oman Ghana FM, a radio station he owns with this provocative


"According to him, he has declared war on all Ewes living in the Ashanti region, and

that the NPP activists in the region should attack Ewes with machete and cutlasses.

He warned that all security personnel who will try to keep the peace in the region

will be lynched."

Let get this clear out of the way, no Ewe or Ga is going to lose their life in

Ashanti region because Kennedy Agyapong says so. If Agyapong wants to start a

killing field, he should start it from his Assin constituency by being the first to

draw blood by killing an Ewe or Ga because Asantes will not do any Politician's

bidding for them to live a life of luxury whilst the poor Youths sacrifice their

lives for them, it is not going to happen, at least not from Ashanti region.

Political differences should not be a reason to start killing ourselves as


I can understand Mr Agyapongs frustrations when the President of the Republic utter

idiocies like "I am not a Policeman" when he has the power to stop everything that

is going on in the country but has cocooned himself at the castle and like the

proverbial monkey, sees nothing and hears nothing, but that is no reason to plunge

the country into a tribal war. Ghana has carved a name for itself as an oasis of

tribal stability in the sub-region of West Africa and we intend to keep that

enviable title intact regardless of the provocation going on by NDC.

The genesis of the the Odododiodoo debacle was started by his own Aide, Nii Lantey

Vanderpuije when he challenged NPP to come to Odododiodoo if they are men and then

organized his supporters to look for NPP supporters to beat up. We all saw the

picture of these NDC hoodlums with guns, cutlasses, pickaxes and other weapons

marching to the Kantamanto areas where there are supposedly most of the Akan traders

live or have their stores. It was Nii lantey Vanderpuije who started disrupting the

ongoing biometric voter registration exercise who instructed his NDC polling agents

to challenge or stop anybody with Akan name from registering at Odododiodoo. This

was during the second phase of the biometric registration exercise but according

to an "NPP polling agent who gave his name as Hassan, was used by Nii Lante’s agents

during the phase 1 of the registration exercise resulting in non-Gas being prevented

from registering, whilst those lucky enough to

register had their cards seized on the orders of Nii Lante Vanderpuije."

Knowing full well that the Kantamanto and Railway Police Station registration

centres are perceived NPP strongholds, NDC polling station agents continue to

challenge non-Ga person who tried registering at these centres. As opposed to the

first phase of the registration exercise where Nii Lante Vanderpuije’s agents

forcibly seized voter ID cards, EC officials as mandated by law temporarily took

custody of voter ID cards.

Nii Lante has recruited close to 80 thugs to prevent Akans from registering at

Odododiodoo. Now Odododiodoo constituency has become a NO GO AREA for anybody with

Akan name and instead of President Mills condemning such behaviour by dismissing

Lantey from his Castle job and setting a good example for others to follow, this

father for all President who we should look up to for guidance and wisdom has failed

to provide leadership by shieking his responsibilities as the President of this

country. Is he not the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces which the Police is an

intergral part? You can say all you want about Rawlings and Kuffour but we did not

see this kind of a lawlessness in the country during their Presidencies and Mills

will have the blood of all the innocent people who have lost their lives or will

lose their lives because of his abdication of his Presidential duties. All he has to

do is to dismiss Vanderpuije from creating this problem at

Odododiodoo constituency from his Castle job and this "muu muu" Mills can't even do


This country is dangerously on the precipice of a tribal war because good people

like this Kojo Asante who has condemned Kennedy Agyapong has no cojones to tell the

slow and clueless President Mills to dismiss his Aide Vanderpuije from his Castle

position which has embolden this common thug to stop Akans from registering to vote

at Odododiodoo.

Now some stupid NDC leaders are talking of stopping some Ghanaians from coming to

their territories as if some Ghanaians need visas to go to certain places.

If the Police continue to engage enforcing the law selectively whilst NDC hoodlums

arrested are set free from orders from above whilst a breathing from an NPP is now a

crime, then the country should brace itself for speechies such as the one attributed

to Kennedy Agyapong or worse when some people will actually start inflicting harm on

people based on tribe.

If Kennedy Agyapong really did say what he is supposed to have said, then that is

unfortunate because there are a lot of inter-tribal marriages between the Ewes and

Asantes in Ashanti region with children who have an Asante and Ewe as parents, do we

kill these children too? If there is going to be a genocide in Ghana, it is not

going to start in Ashanti region where we have lived peacefully with every tribe in

Ghana and their community Chiefs even have a place in Manyhia Palce where they take

part in all Asanteman deliberations.

I myself have two Cousins married to Ewe women with six children involved and if

anybody thinks I will allow a fellow Asante to kill these Ewe sister in laws and

their children, then they are dreaming.

This is just registration and voting and nobody should lose his or her life for

these greedy Politicians to live a life of luxury.

The Ghana Police has been a failure on this registration exercise. The few of them

who have been brave like ACP Awuni and ASP Ofori has been thrown under the bus by

their superiors whilst the corrupt ones are getting rewarded. The Police are cowards

and have allowed themselves to be politized dishing out justice with political

colors. If anything goes wrong in Ghana, the IGP and his commanders will be held

responsible with the selective justice now being practiced by them.

Nii Vanderpuije, Ademola Coker, Kobby Acheampong and a host of NDCians have said

things that they should have been arrested for but the Police failed to act because

of powers from above. These people doing the bidding of NDC at the Police CID and

the BNI should pray hard NDC does not lose the December elections because they will

be called to order, no qualms about that. They have chosen to be the Policemen for

NDC and will not have their jobs if NDC is not in power because nobody can close his

or her eyes and go to sleep with the enemy.

A woman was beaten just for urging residents of Odododiodoo to register and we have

the Chairman of the Greater Accra Region, Ademola Coker telling Ghanaians that she

deserves to be beaten because she went to somebody's territory. Where did we get

these fools to occupy such important positions? It is only in NDC that somebody with

the name of Ademola which sounds Yoruba from Nigeria can tell a Ghanaian that she

has gone to somebody's territory. The last time I checked, Odododiodoo constituency

was still part of Ghana and not in the Yoruba state of Lagos.

President of the Republic of Ghana is totally blind to the atrocious acts of his

aides and henchmen and deaf to their lies that provoked ethnic tensions in the

country and willfully oblivious of the dangerous undercurrents that threaten the

peace, most of which were being deliberately stoked by his appointees. Mills should

bear all the ruckus going on in Ghana because the buck stops at his Presidential

table. Maybe he did not read his Presidential functions and somebody ought to get

him back to the classroom and teach him what his duties as a President are, I am

tired of his below par performance as a leader and Ghanaians should have known this.

A President who failed to be a father to his own son cannot be a father to a country

of 24 million people, MAKA A MAKA.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice