"Ghanafuo Ato Aba Bonee Paa"

Sat, 16 Mar 2013 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Ghana at the moment is under the tutelage of morons or you can call the Mahama administration as a government of kakistocracy if a government that has no money to solve basic water and electricity problems can shed out two million dollars to send self ordained men of the cloth with dubious characters to Isreal to go and pray for the country. Our country Ghana has become Catholic more than the Pope. Even Britain that colonialize us and brought Christianity to Ghana or Gold Coast as we were known then does not send Pastors of the Anglican Church or Church of England to Isreal or the Vatican to pray for it when they have problems. How dare Kofi Adams insult the intelligence of Ghanaians by saying; two million dollars being used to send the Pastors to Isreal is not enough to solve our problems so Ghanaians in essence should shut up.

"Kofi Adams added that the money involved will not be enough to solve the problems currently confronting the country and that arguments that the amount was being wasted were moot."

Can you believe this statement came from the mouth of a Deputy General Secretary of a ruling Party? Does this guy have any brains in his skull to be making decisions that affects 24 million plus people? Has he heard the the proverb; LITTLE DROPS OF WATER MAKES THE MIGHTY OCEAN? Kofi Adams is like the prodigal son in the Bible who when his father gave him money thought it was not enogh to change his life or invest in anything so he dug a hole and buried it.

Two million dollars will by itself cannot solve the problems we are facing neither can even half a billion dollars solve our problems so this idiotic moron called Kofi Adams is telling us unless we get maybe a billion dollars or enough money to take care of our problems we will continue to use the little money we have to engage in stupidities? HOW CAN GHANAIANS GIVE PEOPLE LIKE KOFI ADAMS AND HIS LIKE MINDED NDC FOLKS THE MANDATE TO STEER THE AFFAIRS OF THIS COUNTRY WITH THIS KIND OF BELIEF? With people like Kofi Adams and his Boss, Asiedu Nketiah the proxy President dictating to Mahama, we are in for a rough ride if the Supreme Court fails to rescue the country from the jaws of destruction.

As a country, we need prayers like we need prayers as individuals for God guidance in our daily lives so is NDC going to buy plane tickets for each one of us who wants to go to Isreal to pray and give us $10,000 per diem as the Pastors are going to get?

The sad part about this is that, this is not the first time NDC has done this. They did it during President Mills time though with not as many Pastors as this time. At that time, NDC used taxpayers money to buy plane tickets, pay accomodation for the Pastors sent to Isreal and gave each of the forty or fifty Pastors sent $10,000 as spending money.

Ndc has no answers to the problems confronting the country because the country is broke(WE HAVE NO MONEY)and seems to be lost about how to come up with the necessary funds to solve some of these problems they think the best way to keep the masses out of their back is to do PR instead of problem solving. God even said that wherever two or three people meet, I will be there so why do we send these Pastors to Isreal and not the Kwahu Mountains to pray for the country? Why Isreal and not Rome? Is this part of the payback for the Isreali company engaged by NDC to manipulate the election figures?

Atta Mills sent some Pastors to Isreal to pray for him to recover from his health problems and Mahama is doing the same to help him cure his mental disease. WHAT A COUNTRY.Mahama would be better served by 'glassing' this saying by George Washington Carver as a reminder as to why he is the President instead of the shilly-shallying and the madcap he has engaged in with his decision making. So far he has shown he lacks the mental ability to govern the country

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these." -George Washington Carver-

. A country that spends 72.3% of its budgetry outlays on government workers wages and salaries alone is on the path for disaster as this government is doing. Government was spending 25% of its budget outlays on wages and salaries during Kuffour and NPP administration and their living condition was hundred times better than as it is now. GHANAFUO ATO ABA FON PAA

Justice Sarpong


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice