Ghanaian Electorates Support Frimpong Boateng

Frimpong Boateng

Sun, 9 Dec 2007 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Ghanaian Electorates Support Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng For President. Will the NPP Delegates Confirm It?

The countdown of the conundrum has started as the "seconds" hand of the clock keeps ticking, tick-tock, tick-tock, just about to settle on the marked time where it is required of the contestants to announce their chosen answers, the one with the most correct answers winning. The D-Day for the NPP Presidential hopefuls is just at the turn of the corner, not far off. December 22, 2007 is the day when the NPP delegates are required to choose from among the lots, who should represent their party to contest with Professor Evans Atta Mills of the NDC camp for the Presidency of the Republic of Ghana.

I have personally contacted many people in Ghana, Europe and the Americas, and most of them confess to be happier and would choose Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng for President if they had their own way. Some claim amid choking voices and tears, "Professor Frimpong Boateng is the best President Ghana will never have". All the intellectuals, I don't mean to insult anyone that I have contacted over the phone and in person prefer Kwabena Boateng. They cite his quality credentials. He is a determined, dedicated, honest, altruist and farsighted personality ready to die for his nation, rendering invaluable service to her. I am gobsmacked at the overwhelming positive response I get about this gentleman. But will the NPP delegates who now have the power of death and life of Ghana and Ghanaians in their hands vote according as wished by the majority of Ghanaians? Will they not be tempted, or be fooled by the fact of who has been prominent in the party, holding positions etc, to cast their votes for the wrong person? Have the foot soldiers people ignorantly forget not equally suffered for their party? Where then is one's wisdom if they come up with the excuse that one has not served the party longer enough to qualify him or her for the party's choice as their presidential candidate? Common sense and practical wisdom have in many occasions eluded the Ghanaian hence, our suffering.

My extensive years of stay in Europe, interacting and working with the Whites have opened my mind and eyes to approach issues analytically, subjecting them to practical observations and then drawing critical conclusions. The Blackman and in this case Ghanaians, have no chance of survival should we continue to rely permanently on the Whites for everything as it is currently the case. The world is unprecedentedly changing to our detriment, which forestalls any full-proof total reliance with absolute certainty on the Whites coming to our rescue should the worst happen. We then need to rely on our own very capabilities to swim with our heads above the waters. This then is the compelling reason why the delegates are advised to choose someone who will serve the country better than the other coming to line their pockets and those of their cronies. Kwabena is simply the best.

Do we still enjoy being slaves of conscience? Do we have any respectability being the Whiteman's unconscious slaves, running to stand to attention at the beckon of their finger? Do we still prefer to sacrifice our dignity for handouts? If the answers to the above three immediate questions are all No, then vote for the right person without allowing anyone of dubious character to purchase your conscience with a few millions or thousands of cedis. The money so acquired through this means will be like a flower, blooming in the morning but gets withered by the evening. I am really embittered to see Black men in general and Ghanaians in particular, behave irresponsibly in most cases, the cause of our relegation to the bottom rung of the ladder, the conspicuous tag of stain giving us away as ignoramus.

I will always speak up the way the reality of things is. I will never lie. Ghanaians are downtrodden by our corrupt leaders, punished by their disgusting actions, and crucified by our combined nauseating inactions. Today is the day of liberation if and only if, our NPP delegates will make right the crooked path by choosing Kwabena Frimpong Boateng to lead the NPP into victory come December 22, 2007? The other day someone was passing his comment said, "why should a Medical Doctor desire to be a politician, it is not his field?" Politicians do not come from a particular academic field, ideological persuasion or a social background. Everyone with self-belief, the needed academic intelligence, can decide to serve their country in any best position, be it president, minister or whatever. Kwabena is a Medical Doctor yet he is excelling in other scientific areas likely to yield practical benefits to the State in greater significance in the near future. Kwabena is simply the best.

NPP delegates, please listen to the serious thinkers to vote for the right person, in which case it is, our noble dynamic Kwabena Frimpong Boateng. He is simply the best. All Ghanaians, please join me to sing the chorus, "KWABENA IS SIMPLY THE BEST".

Kwabena Frimpong Boateng is on the way to winning the delegates vote and the presidential electoral votes. Why do Ghanaians don't give honest people the chance? Please give Kwabena the chance to deliver us from the pangs of poverty and humiliation. Kwabena, you are simply the best.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson