Ghanaian men are sitting on a ticking health time bomb

Fri, 13 Jan 2017 Source: Adofo, Rockson

From empirical observations, I am extremely saddened to announce that Ghanaian men are toying with their lives but unconsciously. Their sexual life is hinged on a ticking time bomb that will not last much longer before it explodes bang, in their face.

I am going to be frank with my Ghanaian compatriots and how they easily lend themselves to exploitation by the crafty ones seeking to make easy money (quick buck) by playing on their intelligence.

I find it disgusting, criminal and unintelligent on Ghana as a nation to allow our markets to be flooded with all sorts of fake medicines for the health needs of Ghanaians in general and particularly, the men.

I hear daily on Ghana radios advertising drugs that have proven or unproven potential to enhance men's sexual life or libidinous to make their female partners happy in bed.

According to them, the drugs when used or applied, a man can stay longer in bed with their wife or female partner during sexual intercourse.

There are also many others on passenger buses, especially the V.I.P buses, selling similar drugs which are alleged to not only boost one's capability to last longer or hours before discharging or reaching orgasm during sex, but also, the same single medicine is claimed to cure unaccountable number of diseases.

I find the use of drugs to assist one last longer during sex as very dangerous for the health of their users. Why would you want to stay on top of a woman for hours before achieving orgasm? Is it to make the woman happy, punish her, or to prove that you a macho when it comes to having sex? This is absolutely nonsense!

With advancement in age, one cannot perform sex as they used to when they were in their teens. This is natural as your muscles will correspondingly get weaker. God in his wisdom did make things that way. Unless some sicknesses like diabetes and impotence have caused you not to be able to perform at all, where you may need some drugs to help you perform a little, no abled person should go for sex-enhancing drugs just for the sake of becoming a killer sex machine in bed.

By spending hours on top of your wife or sex partner, you think to be doing great, but little did you know that you are over-working your muscles and in less than no time, thus, a few years later, you will become a total sex “cabbage”. Your manhood (penis) may be completely dead without even Viagra being able to help or resuscitate it. It is then that you will realise the mistake you had done using the so-called sex-enhancing drugs when you actually did not need them.

Are we not advised to do everything in moderation and is that not the best policy? Why do you want to spend needless number of hours or minutes in bed having sex with your partner before you reach orgasm, the climax of enjoying sex?

The women are also sold same stupid drugs to withstand hours of sex. This is all nonsense and is anti-nature.

Are such drugs approved by the Ghana Food and Drugs Board or whatever you call that organization? Do they, and our medical doctors and nurses, educate Ghanaians on the long term adverse effects of the use of such sex-enhancing drugs that have flooded the Ghanaian market from China and, or are locally manufactured?

All the so-called locally-manufactured bitters (Alomo bitters etc.) are all to do with sex. I pity my nation Ghana. For lack of knowledge, my people perish, so God says in the bible. For lack of knowledge, Ghanaian men and women will be sold nasty drugs that will in the long term affect not only their sex life but also, their entire health disastrously.

Where are our Medical doctors? What advice are they giving to these Ghanaian men and women who are crazy about the consumption of sex-enhancing drugs?

Do we know why so many people are dying young nowadays as compared to about forty to fifty years ago? Yes, some people may cite population increase as the main cause; however, the causes of our premature deaths may have to do with the consumption of many fake and silly drugs we are fervently ignorantly going after without inquiring to know about their long term devastating side effects on our lives.

Life is not all about sex. Life is not all about how long you can punish your sex partner in bed; needlessly sweating profusely before both of you can reach orgasm. Life is all about taking good care of your health to live longer in peace, prosperously, and in good neighbourliness; all else is vanity!

Even though radio stations as private organizations as they are, do seek to maximise their profit hence constantly advertising all these unhealthy drugs and alcoholic drinks, they can at least educate the public on the dangers of using or overusing such drugs.

There must be stringent government policy in place to regulate the radio or media advertisements, and public consumptions of such useless drugs that automatically have bad long term and lasting or fatal effects on the people of Ghana.

As our White cotemporaries always think about going into space, inventing better things for the comfort of humanity, sadly, Ghanaian men are thinking about being sex mascots. Shame!!!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson