Ghanaian politicians - Infatuation with expensive cars is very disgusting

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Sat, 11 Feb 2017 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I really get disturbed and very emotional after my moments of meditation on the Ghanaian politicians’ infatuation with possessing expensive cars, big and numerous houses in addition to the men going after succulent damsels. I find this attitude of our politicians very nauseating. It is this untoward fondness for material wealth that the Ghanaian politician often becomes selfish, corrupt and fails to deliver on their promises to the satisfaction of the masses.

Why should Ghana government always import such expensive cars the like of which are never used by their contemporary Whites in the advanced country? Parliamentarians in the United Kingdom or Europe in general, and the Americas, use comparatively less expensive cars, however, their countries are far richer than Ghana. Why is that?

What tells that Ghana is poor when our politicians are seen driving around in big and expensive cars but do fuck all to better the standards of living of the poor masses? Our government go abroad begging for alms and always factor in foreign donor’s aid whenever writing the nation’s yearly budget. When the money comes, it is used to import expensive cars with part ending up in the pockets of our President, Vice President, Government ministers, various Government appointees, parliamentarians, and their cronies, assigns and agents. What is that nonsense!

Had it not been this sickening infatuation with luxury cars by our leaders, some members of the outgone ruling NDC party and government would today not be chased with the intent of retrieving some government cars from them e.g. Kofi Adams.

It should be the collective responsibility of every Ghanaian to ensure that this bizarre attitude by our Ghanaian politicians is stopped without allowing it to continue to ramify to our detriment. We have to fight their corrupt practices. They are elected to serve but not to be served.

Until my fellow Ghanaians begin to understand and share my views, although as probably radical as they seem, the Ghanaian politician will always freely wallow in their malpractices bordering on corruption, with impunity.

Does the new trend of electing populist candidates as leaders in the advanced world today tell us (Ghanaians and, or Africans) anything? Are not all the contesting individuals for the position of President or Prime Minister in the Western World campaigning on the populist sentiments of chucking out immigrants when elected, now winning the elections? Are these individuals not campaigning on anti-immigration to win the elections? Yes, they are!

With this happening around us, what signals are we picking from them? Do we continue to sit on our lap while our Ghanaian leaders deplete the nation’s coffers, stashing the money away in their foreign accounts, buying luxury cars, putting up expensive houses for themselves, chasing girls and carrying out all sorts of disgusting selfish attitudes as exemplified by President Mahama and his NDC-led government? No!!!

It really peeves me to see our politicians voraciously selfishly availing themselves of the public purse at any least opportunity and without being held accountable by the governed. If we were to hold them to account, former President John Dramani Mahama and his government would not have been able to cause such extensive damage to the economy through their sheer love of corruption, lawlessness and utter display of incompetence.

If all that the person nicknamed “Abronye DC” is doing is the beginning of the means to ending or curtailing the quest for the Ghanaian politician to steal or abuse their position, then in principle, he has my full support.

Enough is enough with the thievery by our politicians. When are we going to learn to develop our own country by stopping our crazy infatuation with quick buck through theft?

His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo must deal with the NDC Government Ministers and appointees that have in a way or the other embezzled public funds or have illegally appropriated to themselves State property of any sort. The same should go for NPP Ministers and appointees should they ever involve in any sort of misappropriations of public funds.

The era of you scratch my back and I scratch your back that enabled Ghanaian politicians to steal money and State property with impunity is gone and gone forever.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson