Ghanaian scholar credits alma mater for her rise

Guendolyn.jfif Gwendolyn Brown

Wed, 17 Mar 2021 Source: Kofi Ansah

A Ghanaian scholar domiciled in the UK, Gwendolyn Brown has attributed her career brilliance to the sound basic education she acquired at Seven Great Princes Academy in Accra few years ago.

A graduate of Southampton University in the UK, Gwendolyn has already settled in her three-year working career.

She currently works for one of the reputable financial institutions in the UK where she has endeared herself to both her employers and clients due to her high level of professionalism.

In 2018, the Southampton University graduate's academic brilliance in the UK drew the attention of many including former Ghana president, Jerry John Rawlings after reading her academic exploits on many media platforms in the country.

Indeed, that paved the way for a memorable official meeting between the departed statesman and Gwendolyn at the former's Ridge residence.

She stated in an interview "I have always believed in getting the basics right. It is like having a strong foundation in building construction, the stronger the foundation, the taller the building and that is exactly what Seven Great Princes offers.

"l had a great start (Foundation) at Seven Great, and that explains my brilliance from High School through University to where l currently work."

Columnist: Kofi Ansah