Ghanaian women engage in rituals for both money and love in dark spiritual realm

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Thu, 20 Oct 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Africa is frequently referred to as the "Dark Continent," due to the dark color of the people's complexion. However, the term "dark," has a darker connotation used throughout the continent. Men who are seeking particular women of their choice, as well as women who are seeking wealthy, accomplished businessmen or married men, will go to extreme lengths to enter the dark spiritual world to obtain them.

Many Ghanaian women are gaining notoriety for performing bizarre behaviors, such as cooking dishes with menstrual blood and other heinous deeds, to woo their potential romantic partners into staying with them for the foreseeable future. Some women or men can participate in some of these unsettling odd actions, whether it's ju-ju for love or to succeed in business.

Black magic is thought to be a form of sorcery that can only be practiced by those who have reached a particular level of spiritual growth since it enables practitioners to exert influence over evil energies for their ends. Although many people practiced black magic, voodoo, or ju-ju in Africa, they are forbidden by the bible.

Many people use ju-ju to achieve their goals, whether it's to be prosperous in business or to find the man or woman of their dreams. You may recall that the late Nwachukwu Ifeoma Esther, a contentious actress from Nigeria, advised Nigerian women to practice juju if a male didn't ask them out on a date.

It is no secret that many African celebrities, musicians, actors, actresses, and even pastors, take a quick journey into the underworld to achieve fame, fortune, and success.

Ju-ju, which refers to bestowing magical characteristics on an item, utilizes a variety of materials, including feathers from birds, human skulls, the heads of deceased cats and monkeys, dried chameleon bodies, and pieces from many vertebrate and animal species.

A Ju-Ju practitioner who serves as one of a tribe's leaders in Nigeria thinks of the opinion that everyone may learn magic and that only those who have been able to develop their skills can call themselves wizards.

How can a woman be so cruel to cook a meal with her menstrual blood because she wants to be with that person forever? Many African women engage in this revolting and inhuman behavior in an effort to maintain a long-term relationship with the likely wealthy or successful man they are seeing.

According to sources, many African artists, musicians, and even pastors travel to Akodessewa, a city in Togo, which is home to the greatest market for magical items used in voodoo rituals, in an effort to become famous or acquire demonic abilities to convince others that they were granted by God.

Anyone can find all they need there to perform evil spells that can raise the spirit of the dead from the ground and inflict intolerable misery on the living, including corruption, curses, and horrible spells.

People who have been murdered frequently have missing body parts found on them. Albinos are not even spared since they think those with fair complexion and hair have powerful magical abilities. Children that are albinos are extremely vulnerable throughout Africa.

A popular video on social media depicts an arrested Ghanaian woman who is accused of making tea using her filthy underpants and packaging it for sale to consumers. Customers of this evil woman may experience psychological effects from this act for the rest of their life if they hear such a story.

Why would someone go to such lengths to commit such a heinous act? Is it for the purpose of gaining additional clients that you have so much cash? This seems like a fairy tale, but it happens in Ghana every day.

To stock up on supplies for their rituals, voodoo practitioners travel to Akodessewa, the capital of Togo, home to the largest market in the world for dark rituals. There are countless rows of ominous products out in the open, including bones, plants, potions, severed wild animal heads, paws, and many more that do not belong in conventional medicine.

To have the ability and dexterity to do miracles, many false pastors in African nations like Ghana frequently go to this location. They also frequently go here to perform rituals for corruption and deceitful abilities they want people to believe come from the all-powerful Holy God. The majority of these pastors in Ghana frequently make bizarre prophecies, but they are powerless to stop the nation's political and economic woes.

The reality of a food vendor in Ghana who was supposedly using morgue water to prepare her cuisine is beyond my comprehension. There are several tales of men and women engaging in strange rituals to achieve their objectives. Why can't we as humans think of a way to make the earth beautiful and healthy rather than annihilating people out of greed?

Numerous tragic incidents have occurred in the lives of some of these African celebrities, including singers, actors, and actresses. Oh, it hurts when people are grieving, but the truth is they don't know where the individuals they are crying for went before they became well-known or wealthy. The majority of the celebrities, who linked with the spiritual underworld to become famous, often die very young.

Always keep in mind this "1. Matthew 7:13–14," no matter what kind of life you want to live or how wealthy or successful you want to be. "Enter through the small gate, for many people enter through the huge gate and broad road that leads to ruin. However, the entrance to life is small, and the path leading there is narrow, and few people manage to find it. That implies that to succeed in life, avoid whatever is not right and work hard.

Columnist: Joel Savage