Ghanaian women must work on their behaviors

Fri, 2 Dec 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

By Rockson Adofo

Having been spotted as one of the prolific writers on the internet, some people do communicate their problems and views to me, requesting that I convey them to the public’s attention to create public awareness in people.

Public awareness is to guide people to do something in a particular way or to stay away from doing something depending on how that thing unfolds or will happen.

Someone told me he had arranged to meet a lady for some private conversation. This woman agreed and told the man when he could come over. Prior to the man proceeding to the city where the woman lives without himself knowing anybody in the city, the man gave her a day’s advance notice.

Came the appointed day, the man phoned her up and the woman said yes, come I shall meet you at a designated place. When the man arrived in the city and gave her a phone call, the woman said, “I am attending a Church programme so wait there until I finish, and I shall come and get you”

Two hours later, the woman had not turned up but it was getting late into the night. The man phoned her again but she insisted the man waited until she finished the Church service. As the clock was ticking with darkness enveloping the city, all people jumping into “troto” buses and taxis to go home, the man panicked and started giving the woman incessant phone calls.

The woman nether answered the calls nor turned up as agreed. The man was fortunate enough to find a taxi rank that never closed the whole night, sat on a bench with some taxi drivers around, who were working throughout the entire night.

When he recounted his story to a taxi driver, the taxi driver said, how could she claim to be serving God when she has lied to someone to come and stay outside in the open with thieves and dangerous people prowling around? In case you get killed, is she not the one who has caused your death?

The taxi driver cited the biblical story of the Good Samaritan to buttress his statement. He said the woman had behaved like the pastor and the other person who came across the injured person but refused to help him for various reasons until the Good Samaritan came by.

Out of all the three persons who came by the injured person, it was the Good Samaritan’s service that glorified God but not that of the hypocrite pastor who exhibited the same attitude as the woman had done to the man.

Another man has this story to tell. According to him, he had agreed to meet a woman he had been introduced to by an intermediary. They had been on phone contact for a long time. A few months to their meeting date, the woman’s phone would ring continuously when dialed without anyone answering it.

After the appointed date, the man just by chance tried the number and the woman answered the call. He told her about his difficulty reaching her for the past few months and explained how. She came up with the flimsy excuse that her phone had gone missing and that she got a new but same number cut for her two days ago.

They agreed to meet within the next three days. Barely had they ended their conversation when the woman’s phone started acting funnily again.

The final story of same nonsensical behaviour is about a certain man’s girlfriend who has been playing games on the man. The man has rented a place for her in the city. When the man decided to visit her, she started telling him I have travelled out of the city to another city on a special mission.

When she returned, she told the man she was staying elsewhere catering for her sick grandma. She does not want the man to know where, he as stupid as he is, rented the room for her.

I have to stop to attend to other political issues of urgent importance to leave these men and women to their stupid behaviours. I personally don’t trust most of these Ghanaian women. All these three women in the cases just told above are having extra affair with other men hence their bush-like attitudes. Why can’t they tell the men concerned that they are no longer interested in them but have other men in their lives?

The men who told me these stories should please advise themselves. The women are taking them for big time idiots same as President “Me nitie obiaa” Mahama is taking Ghanaians for fools; it is as simple as that.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson