Opinions Fri, 30 Aug 2013

Ghanaianism Must Unite Us

The country which we live in was fought for us through the blood and

toil of our forefathers. Over the years, we have had some number of

political turmoils which have been major set backs to the development

of the country. We can talk of the 1966, 1972, '79 and '81 Coups.

Interestingly, the reasons for these political turmoil had only

benefitted some few people because they(reasons) did not represent the

collective view of the good people of Ghana. The masterminders ended

up looting collossal amount of money which would have been used to

develop our nation which further worsen our condition of livng. The

end has always left us divided, further polarising the political


Blindly, we have followed the political parties and lost our sense of

nationalism. We have forgetten the first 2 lines of our National

Pledge which goes like ''I promise on my Honor, To be Faithful and

Loyal to Ghana My Motherland'' and adopted that of the Political

Parties if there is any. It is very suprising and disappointing to

see some men & women go to whatever extent to ''die'' for their

political party at the peril of our Great Nation, Ghana.

Fellow Ghanaians, as we all await the Final Verdict of the Highest

Court, let us remember that ''Ghanaianism Must Unite all Of Us''.

Before we act untoward for any Politician, let us remember the waakye

seller, the Kooko seller, the Beans seller. Let us remember the

future of our Kids and put our country first for we have no other

country of our own. We should remember that from Gambaga to Accra,

From Elubo to Aflao, we are one people with a common destiny.

Dr. Kwagyir Aggrey of blessed memory once said "You can play a

tune of sorts on the black keys only and you can

play a tune of sorts on the white keys only; but for

perfect harmony, you must use both the black and the white keys." We

are one people with a common destiny so we should maintain the peace

ourselves and live in harmony even after the Supreme Court's verdict

come 29th of August, 2013.

Louis Atsu Agbo.

UEW, BA french Education.



Columnist: Agbo, Louis Atsu