Ghanaians Have Spoken: Time To Heal

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

December 10, 2012

Indeed the Jericho Walls were broken yesterday when the Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC), Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan announced that (Joshua) John Mahama had won the 2012 Presidential election with a solid one touch victory.

The whole country had been sitting on tenterhooks following the last minute gimmicks played by the leadership of the NPP with series of press conferences. This led to a lengthy meeting between the EC officials and members of the National Peace Council of Ghana which certainly delayed the announcement of the presidential results for hours.

But when eventually Dr. Afari Djan announced the results, the whole country came to live and exploded with ecstasy when supporters and well-wishers of the NDC suddenly poured onto the streets with wild jubilation amidst music and dancing.

The victory apart from being sweet was also solid, because President Mahama made history by being the first person probably in Ghana’s history to have won an election with less than four months of campaigning. He is also the first person apart from JJ Rawlings to have won the presidential election the first time he contested it. John Kufuor tried it twice whilst the late President Mills tried it three times before winning it.

President Mahama wins this election at the time that the country had been polarized. Therefore, just as he promised during his political campaigns, he will have to heal the wounds by bringing the country together. Without peace we cannot develop as a nation, therefore, he needs to work hard by healing the political wounds that had been created by some elements within some political parties.

The victory came from Ghanaians who decided to reject those who have nothing good for the country except for themselves. Ghanaians, therefore, spoke very loud and clear. As the pieces settle down, we believe that Mahama will fulfill his promises by delivering to Ghanaians.

No Ghanaian should allow himself to be used by any politician to cause any chaotic scenes. We have nowhere to go when the country burns. This is our God forsaken land and we enjoy the peace that surrounds us today. Shalom!



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret