Ghanaians Must Promote Peace At All Cost

Wed, 7 Dec 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The country has come too far through THE LIFE BLOOD SWEAT, and courage of PATRIOTS who chose to stand up against oppression at the risk of their lives to finally open up the democratic space for all in 1992.

The fast rate of which some politicians have resorted to the use of intemperate language is very disturbing because it has the tendency to push the country into disruptive violence in the 2012 elections since Mr. Mac-Manu has already WARNED that they will provide NPP members with guns in 2012.

However, when the NPP administration under Ex-Prez. Kufuor and his brother-in-law J.H. Mensah openly told Ghanaians that by the time the NPP complete its four year mandate, the NDC will cease to exist in Ghana, NDC members never told Ghanaians that they will adopt “All die be die” when they were reduced to THIRD CLASS CITIZENS in Ghana and were constantly the VICTIMS of DISMISSALS, AGGRESSIONS, ILLEGAL INCARCERATIONS without ANY PROTECTION from the STATE between 2001-2008.

The Leadership of the NDC did not call its numerous supporters to initiate violence and stand firm, because they were responsible citizens in a responsible opposition. NDC Leadership did not threaten the then ruling government of the NPP that it will arm NDC MEMBER S with guns to protect ballot boxes in 2004 and 2008. Both the NDC and NPP will not rule Ghana forever so let us not do anything that will lead to chaos and political upheaval because our nation Ghana was there before the NDC and NPP were formed as political parties in 1992. We are all witnesses to what happened in neighbouring Cote d’Voire which brought a lot of hardships on the people there, so let us all do what is expected to promote PEACE in the country, If we do that, we will then be leaving a good legacy of peace for development for succeeding generations yet unborn. Any political upheaval or chaos would bring untold hardships to the people; therefore, it must be avoided at all times to preserve the country’s young and fledging democracy which has portrayed Ghana positively within the international community. Over 3,000 innocent men, women and children died in the Ivory Coast before Laurent Gbagbo was finally removed from power by French Soldiers. This must not happen in Ghana.


It is incumbent on all politicians in Ghana, especially the leaders their operatives, their so-called “Macho men” whatever that title means and party supporters to exercise restraint in their language to ensure that it did not mislead some innocent people into wrong doing or violence. How on earth can one take a gun, aim it at your political opponent and shoot him to death because of political power? Are opposition politicians now ANIMALS that should be killed for meals or what? In other words, did members of the ruling NDC government impose themselves in power by force of arms without going through competitive elections to warrant their violent overthrow with guns supplied to opposition members by Mac-Manu in 2012 or what? What are the motives of those political leaders who want political power at all cost? What is coming is coming and what will happen will really happen in December, 2012. You see, Ghana had enjoyed relative peace and stability under the 1992 constitution which has been applauded globally and therefore this must be GUIDED JEALOUSLY BY EVERY TRUE GHANAIAN.


The political tranquility in the country must be attributed to Ghanaians in the last two decades because of their adherence to the principles and objectives as contained in the 1992 constitution and arising from these principles and objectives was the CULTURE OF NON-VIOLENCE in political discourse and elections to choose our LEADERS. Ghanaian media must SHUN POLITICIANS who use violent language that could lead the country into disruptive violence no matter how wealthy they may be or who they are. Having come this far, Ghana needs leaders who are CIVIL in their public discourse, so that we can, as a country attain the blessings of LIBERTY, Equality of opportunity and prosperity under our democratic dispensation. Therefore, the print and electronic media are partly to blame since they are part of the problem by publishing violent speachs in this country. Let me remind those media men and women, politicians and even Ghana’s clergy that Bullets Does Not Discriminate when Fired from the mouth of guns in this world. These NPP SCULP HUNTERS- preaching civil war in Ghana will all live to regret one day.


Those who want to turn Ghana into Rwanda if the NPP does not win the 2012 elections must NOT send their family members abroad but let them remain in the country. When the war mongers prove elusive, Progressive Forces will round up their family members and wipe them off for REAL PEACE to remain in Ghana. We have seen pre-determined cases and sentences before trials under Kufuor’s govt. from 2001-2008 yet two years after leaving office, he was the first to say that he prefer to be a messenger in a ruling party than to be a General Secretary in an opposition party. He said that because he never thought that the NPP will ever lose elections in Ghana.


The NPP planned a civil war in Ghana when they lost the 1992 general elections and went ahead to plan an NPP govt. in Exile but they were stopped by the late Otumfuo Opoku Ware II. Akenten Appiah Menkah, a leading NPP member was not even ashamed of himself but shamefully revealed everything they did with the support of 3 of their super power friends and two of their Ecowas neighbours to spark a civil war in Ghana because Akans had lost political power to a Non-Ghanaian since the slogan in 1992 was “Yegye ye man”- we will claim our country. You will claim your country, 1 mean from who? Non- Akans, which means that if you are not an Akan, it means you are not a Ghanaian isn’t it? Prez. Mills is an Akan but since he is not an Asante man- He is not fit to be the President of Ghana isn’t it? The NPP must Grow because Ghana can never get a President if we decide to vote on tribal lines but the tribal politics of the NPP is too glaring- They must give us a break. If you doubt it, Read “Africa Watch”. June 2010- page 58 and read the terrible story revealed by Akenten Appiah Menkah, a leading member of the NPP. If they are in power, they behave like savages, bullies and become Ruthless, intolerant, vicious and corrupt. When they are in opposition, they become so irresponsible and violent that whoever is in power must be subverted and removed for them to come to power. This has been their stock in trade since 1951 up to date 2011. They are always fully prepared to kill innocent people for political power. They themselves always run for cover and send unsuspecting supporters to go to the War front, The best Akans are Non-partisan and they are the Traditional Rulers- the second group of best Akans who cherish Unity and Peace are all in the NDC but the worst Akans who always behave like human beasts are the staunch supporters of the NPP who always speak before they think and spit fire and brimstone all over the country since time immemorial. Today, such demented brains and academic undesirables are led by their Militant leader in the person of Nana Akuffo Addo who believe that violence and tribalism are the best virtues in life. NDC members were constantly treated like 3rd class citizens from 2001-2008 when the NPP was in power. While the NPP is ready to fight with the their GUNS for political power, the Leadership of the NDC is also very busy doing the UNTHINKABLE or is it the IMPOSSIBLE task of managing the political Force of Rawlings in order to turn the NDC towards an Nkrumahist party and forget about the Rawlingses while the grassroots of the NDC is fast moving backwards because of UNCERTAINTITY and the end result will be a massive VOTER APATHY, no matter the amount of cash and other gifts that may be given out to voters in 2012 by the NDC. I can see clearly that they are in a hurry to return to opposition in 2012 because of their foot dragging attitude towards uniting Mills and Rawlings factions. You sit down there and enjoy the sweat of the foot soldiers.

STOP PRESS: Nana Akuffo Addo has signed a SECRET AGREEMENT with the British Government to Legalise Homosexuality in Ghana when he becomes President of Ghana so if you make the mistake of voting the NPP back to power all male Ghanaians would be compelled by law to marry each other. He signed that evil agreement when he recently travelled to Britian. If he denies this story, then let him release the tapes of that closed door meeting he held with David Cameron in the U.K. When that happens, God will start his second “Soddom and Gommorah” in Ghana but this time with FIRE and NOT water as he did in Soddom and Gommorah at first-mark my words-I will not be burnt by God as well as all NDC members because we will never become homosexuals because we respect and fear God and will dis-obey that devilish Law if it is ever passed in Ghana.


If after giving this NICE advice and Mac-Manu, Kennedy Agyepong, Jake Obetseby Lamptey and their Militant Presidential Candidate of the NPP are still bent on turning Ghana into Rwanda, they are very free to Bring It On-after all we have seen NDC members being arrested in churches on Sundays, we have seen an NDC MP being detained by the NPP for allegedly saying “The plan Has worked” during a demonstration at Nima in 2002, we have seen perceived NDC members being ordered to proceed on leave never to return to work, and their ages ranged between 30years and 40years, we have seen a former President being hauled to the BNI for merely asking NDC members to adopt. “Positive Defiance” against the NPP intimidations, we have seen the wife of the then opposition candidate Mills being arrested to the BNI and her legally acquired vehicle was seized and she was asked to walk home or join a trotro all under the NPP government led by Ex-Prez. Kufuor who claimed falsely that he was implementing “A RULE OF LAW” but which was seen as a RULE OF MAN. As if that was not enough, we have seen the courtesies of former President Rawlings being withdrawn and he always carried his own bag to travel abroad for 8 years and it was this very Nana Akuffo Addo the then Foreign Minister in the NPP govt. who gave that order. We have seen several attempts being made to assassinate Rawlings by the then NPP govt. but they failed from 2001-2008. We have seen “Positive Change” in 2001 which turned into a very Negative Change from 2001-2008 and majority of Ghanaians booted out the NPP from office in 2008 so what Again, NPP? What didn’t we see during the 8 years of Kufuor’s NPP govt? The NPP may be very very lucky if the NDC remains divided up to December, 2012 since there is a big VOTER APATHY because of the Mills-Rawlings risky feud during the 3 years of the ruling NDC government.I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!






Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement