Ghanaians Rebuff UK Prime Minister's Homosexuality Imposition

Sun, 20 Nov 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

No Third World country, especially African country, is immune from attack by the

West when given the slightest opportunity. The superior Western World that is still

suffering from the bruises and scars sustained from the recent years' credit crunch

and economic recession are eager to vent their anger on any perceived nuisance

State. They will not hesitate to pursue any ray of hope that will help soothe their

economic pain and open up an escape route from their stifling recession. They are

like wild predator-dogs on the loose sniffing for preys to devour.

Ghana in my estimation is on monitoring and probably blacklisted for future attack

by the prowlers. A telltale fissure that attracts the West to a Third World country

with the innocent excuse of fixing it, but ulterior motive of muscling their

conquering military might has already opened up in Ghana. It is the current

unprecedented emergence of bold and open quest by the country's homosexuals and

lesbians for society recognition with the concomitant official hatred towards them.

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently issued a warning to Ghana. He asked

Ghana to embrace homosexuality with Hallelujah or have the yearly financial grant of

millions of pound sterling Britain gives to Ghana reduced drastically. This warning

is just a precursor of more serious subversive actions the West may take against

Ghana. Once they see a militarily weak country producing oil, they keep their

hawkish eye on the country, ready to pounce on it at the slightest


Let me take a swipe at the British Prime Minister David Cameron. He sees nothing

wrong about two adults consenting to what most Ghanaians see as lewd homosexual

acts. It is their human right to do whatever they wish with their body – freedom of

association and the right to marry, he declares. Fair enough. Little does Mr Cameron

know that every country has their laws, cultures and traditions to uphold? In Ghana,

it is illegal, an abomination and a taboo by our tradition and custom backed by

Constitutional law for anyone to engage in illicit sexual acts – homosexuality.

Every country has his or her laws that are in place to protect the citizens. Anyone

acting in contrast to the stipulated laws and regulations is guilty of infringement

and hence faces the full rigours of the law according as prescribed. No wonder

majority of Ghanaians look down on homosexuals with the abhorrence they deserve.

Many adults are those wishing to marry or possess more than one wife at a time in

the Western World, especially in Britain. Nevertheless, they have a law in place

making it illegal, a prosecutable crime for one to marry more than one wife at a

time. The British police will not hesitate to arrest any man breaking this law,

arraign him before a court and charged him with BIGAMY. He will face prosecution and

slapped with a jail term sentence.

Can a man from Ghana, a country where polygamy is acceptable proceed to Britain to

suggest to the British people to allow for polygamous marriages let alone, imposing

his wish on Britain? They will make a mockery of him or arrest him for proposing

what may be a detestable taboo to them. In much, the same vein should Ghanaians or

Africans not allow any imposition of the Whiteman's illness on us.

The Western world has not even fully embraced homosexuality. They have qualms about

it. John Kerry, the Democratic Party presidential nominee in the 2004 presidential

elections in the US lost to former President George W. Bush. Most Americans who

would otherwise have voted for him denied him their votes because he had declared to

legalise homosexual marriages across the entire of America if he won. The majority

of the voters hated to see the spread of homosexuality across America whereby even

straight people may think there is nothing wrong about becoming a homosexual after

all. American army sacked and banned homosexuals from within it until this year when

President Barack Obama passed a law forbidding the sacking of homosexuals from the

American army. He ordered for the re-instatement of all those sacked based on their

sexual inclinations and preferences, thus, homosexuality. This goes to tell that

upon the entire hullabaloo about the acceptance of

homosexuality in the Western world in line with human rights, there are still many

hurdles or rivers to cross.

In Britain, tutors in schools teach sex education but they do not allow for lessons

on homosexuality that may encourage many to take after it as fashion. Homosexuality

will never be encouraged in Ghana. Let the Human rights activists and the crazy

politicians who always seek to win elections on silver platter, continue to defend

the abominable homosexuality. Politicians in order to garner more winning votes at

elections have come to embrace and accept homosexuality as a norm.

I am sure Ghanaian homosexuals are not going to stick out their ugly heads and faces

agitating for further rights. They have rights as citizens and human beings but not

as homosexuals. Homosexuality is anathema to the customs and traditions of Ghana.

When you give a Ghanaian an inch of opportunity, he will go further to avail

himself/herself of a mile of freedom. Even before we knew, the homosexuals had

desired to stage a World Conference for homosexuals in Ghana. What an absolute

madness and rubbish!

I am sure the West will not descend on Ghana with their arsenal in pretence of

defending the stigmatised minority homosexuals while in effect they are coming for

our oil. They have done it in Iraq and Libya so they can do it in Ghana if given the

slightest beckoning but dubious opportunity or excuse to do so.

Mr Cameron can withdraw the financial aid he offers lazy Ghanaians towards their

yearly budget if it will come with a condition attached, opening up to

homosexuality. After all, our myopic and visionless politicians only, squander the

money without using it for the benefit of the entire nation.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson