Ghanaians Should Reject NDC fuel Politics

Tue, 22 Sep 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration should respect Ghanaians constitutional rights and stop their politics of deception. In regard to our nation’s fuel supply policies to consumers across the country the NDC should not play political gimmicks as they are accustomed to playing their dirty tracks on Ghanaians. Instead of them speaking the truth to Ghanaians they exaggerate their lies and blame the opposition for unjustifiable reasons. But overlook their own failure to honor the fake campaign promises they made to Ghanaians, promises they cannot keep. John Evans Attah Mills and his brother Cadman Mills, who are running the nations economy as their family business, should realize that the nation economic sector that deals with our fuel policy is the most vital issue to all Ghanaian’s. However, with the exception of Mills and his brother and those NDC members who enjoy free fuel, the fuel prices determine average Ghanaian daily expenditures on the commodity prices from our market women and men throughout the country. The NDC has the audacity not to show any empathy toward Ghanaians by playing these pocket issue politics for their stupid aggrandizing political interest.

Recently, I spent the summer in Ghana. John Attah Mills and his NDC administration had dispatched their public relations officers (PR) to the various media stations to deceive Ghanaians on fuel policies. Their motive is not to allow Ghanaians to have any knowledge on our nation’s economic setback by their NDC from the previous NPP administration’s good economy policies. The NDC have adopted these International Monetary Funds (IMF) policy guidelines, which are not favorable to the nation. The (IMF) have instructed John Attah Mills and his brother who is in charge of our nation’s economy to run the nations economy for the IMF’s selfish-business interests rather than in the interest of the citizens of our nation. In addition, after all the hard work that was done by the previous NPP administration to resurrect the nation from the IMF’s dubious economic policies and move the nations toward the market system. These philosophical and ideological realist ideas adopted by the NPP to improve the nation’s image not only for Ghanaians but the whole African continent have been destroyed in the nine months NDC has been in office. While the majority of counties that were affected by the recession are now out from under it, Mills has continued to tell Ghanaians to give him time. The question is when? Attah Mills and his brother have continued the disastrous economic policies of our nation. These policies were put in place by the previous (P) NDC administration in 1980s and 1990s and have surfaced again in our modern global economic prosperity.

Nananom ladies and gentleman, we Ghanaians need to wake up and speak our minds on these IMF issues. No one should allow the NDC administration to agree to the economic hardship conditions the IMF has inflicted upon our nation. Instead of the NDC telling the truth the NDC has adopted the mentality of smear ideas of blaming their failures on the previous administration by refusing to acknowledge their input; rather than swindling the nation. The NDC and its members think Ghanaians are foolhardy to have forgotten the petroleum dilemma created by the Tsatu Tsitaka moneys he stole from the National petroleum Authority (NPA) institution that has caused this financial mess. This is one of the reasons why he went to jail while his NDC criminal cronies were crying foul play.

On Wednesday 16th September 2009 I WAS READING AN ARTICLE FROM Ghanaian Daily Graphic published by Ghanaweb com. Sam Jonah the former CEO of Ghana Mining company the criminal was praising his follow criminal Tsatu Tsikata; these idiots think the nation belong to their biological fathers where they can do anything or say anything that pleases them through the media and get away with. Sam Jonah and Tsatu Tsitaka they belong to jail but not in our mixed. Why? They are criminals simple as that. As a result of this I urge every Ghanaian to use their constitutional rights to asked Attah Mills; as the former Vice president who hard substance about the financial mess this crook Tastu Tsikata created horrendous criminal activities conducted under Attah Mills watch. Mills should explain to Ghanaians the role this criminal Tsatu Tsitaka played in (NPA) as a CEO before his (P) NDC administration left behind in 2001 over trillions of cedis Tor debt. Ghanaians are suffering after NPP left office. The nation could not keep the spot rate market system that was formidable to the nations economy. The cynical idea of NDC administration moving the nation away from the capitalism market is absurd. The government should be responsible for the welfare of its citizens needs. If the situation demands that there is a need for subsidizing some sector of the economy, the government should do so. Attah Mills and his NDC have no power to do so. They must seek permission from the IMF before they can make any changes to such effect. Mills and the NDC administration have not been candid with Ghanaians. They lie about the state of the economy to the nation on daily basis. Currently, the spot rate of world crude oil market prices is $68,02 per barrel and the futures are dropping $67.44 it is even lower than the spot rate. These prices are fare below the $144.00 per barrel last year when NPP sold fuel for Gh 5 cedis in Ghana. The question is why the NDC is now selling fuel over 5 cedis with the current spot rate in a world market for $68,02? This is complete nonsense, In America a gallon of fuel is $2.15 while in Ghana it is over Gh 5 cedis I want Mills and his administration to answer this question; Attah Mills, Do you think those industrial counties that seek financial assistance from IMF will allow this criminal institution to decide their future by selling fuel at prices higher than the international world market prices? You know the answer Never.

Now the so-called Kwasi Pratt Jr Mr. Known Everything in Ghana, who was making all these idiotic noise, has kept his mouth shut on these issues. Why? Because he was playing ethnic politics against John Agyekum Kufuor and its NPP administration; Kwasi Pratt Jr always join Attah Mills to demonstrate against NPP administration. Ghanaians should see this yellow journalist tribal politics he plays in Ghana against any prominent member from UP tradition. Ghanaians need to take draconian measures against Mills and his NDC for them to stop this nonsense on fuel issues.

nana amankwah

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi