Ghanaians Will Judge President Mahama Again In 2016

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

By Kofi Thompson

I had a phone call yesterday afternoon, from a gentleman who wanted to know why I was "favouring the National Democratic Congress over the New Patriotic Party" - which is disputing the outcome of the presidential election - when in the past I was "so critical of both President Mills and the then Vice President Mahama".

Had I "been bought", he wanted to know? Well, my conscience is not for sale at any price - and has never been, and never will be.

For patriotic reasons, I was an avowed critic of both President Mills and Vice President Mahama, as he then was - both of whom I often called upon to resign after Martin Amidu was sacked as Attorney General.

However, having now been elected to serve his own term as President, as a Progressive and patriot, I will support his regime - if it works in the interest of the ordinary people of Ghana.

However, I shall be his foremost critic, if he allows the rogues in his party to continue milking Ghana.

And if he wants discerning Ghanaians to take him seriously about fighting corruption, let him bring back Martin Amidu as Attorney General.

Symbolism is important in politics. Asking Martin Amidu to return to the position of Attorney General, will convince most ordinary people that they were right to elect him to lead Ghana.

Above all, he must not be complacent - especially as he has seen how quickly President Mills' administration's 4-year tenure has almost drawn to a close.

Key PPP projects he must prioritise and complete before his tenure ends, are: building a railway line from Tema to Paga on a build, operate and transfer basis; a new bridge across the Volta; more gas-fired power plants; acquiring a fleet of four oil-tankers to enable the Ghana Navy have a monopoly transporting oil from our oilfields.

Luckily, today there is private equity financing available to part-fund such projects.

Above all, his new administration must find a way of ensuring that it never ignores good nation-building advice - whatever quarter it originates from.

He will be held accountable by Ghanaians throughout his tenure. And in 2016, he will be judged again by ordinary Ghanaians. One hopes he will not be found wanting then. A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi