Ghanaians cannot be cheap walkovers

Antoa Maha President John Mahama

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 Source: Agbenu, Charles

There is no way voters can ever be sure of better lives under a new regime. But they rely on the power and beauty of democracy, which offers chance for voters to change regimes every 4 years if their choices turn sour.

The incumbent President, the human being who has assumed a new name 'Djibril Kanatoe' Mahama has performed abysmally and has lost his chance forever. In his ugly and dreadful administration, he has dissipated huge public funds and visited unprecedented hardships on the people.

Kufuor in 8 years controlled $20b. Things were batter. Known economic indicators were favourable. On the contrary, Mills/Mahama in 8 years have controlled $200b but things are far worse and the economic indicators are woeful. We have been contending with economic vampires after all. They could have methodically turned round the economy in 8 years if they were serious.

Mahama has wantonly dissipated huge but scarce public funds. His investment options have not helped the country. He has engaged in uneconomic voodoo emotional development. Mahama is not credible despite the huge funds available to him, including oil revenues. As a result, he has had to go to IMF for credibility in economic policy direction and management and this has worsened the plight of the people.

In the circumstances, the best alternative is to vote NPP's Akufo Ado in. If he messes up, then we have the chance to change him in 4 years by the democratic stipulations. It's therefore an unpardonable insult to retain a confirmed failed leader like John 'Djibril Kanatoe' Mahama in a democracy.

It's only under dictatorship that such a woeful incumbent as Mahama can want to win power again and force himself to actually win. It does not make sense that majority voters can ever give a fresh mandate to a confirmed failure like Mahama/NDC in a democracy. What then does people's power mean? What then is democracy?

If Mahama and NDC still win, they will even laugh at us. So Ghanaians can be so cheap walkovers and easy?

How come Ghanaians are in misery and crying for deliverance and they have the chance to change and still they don't change? Ghanaian should never blow their chance but vote in November to say bye bye to another Mahama era of disaster and gloom.

Ghana must seek change to bring about the needed development and prosperity. We are in the mud and we should get out of the mud. We can't remain in the mud and still be crying to want to get out! That's beyond comprehension.

Britain has changed. Brexit shows a global desire to change and to get the bums out. The repositioning of new Ghana Order beckons. The corrupt, mediocre, incompetent and by–heart takashie leaders like John 'Djibril Kanatoe' Mahama will never be comfortable under these conditions. I tell you, Akufo Ado should be romping home triumphant, come December 2016.

I say again, if Akufo Ado/NPP come to power and they mess up, we shall change them in 2020. The game will continue. No politician or group of fraudsters should be allowed to mess up with the destiny of Ghanaians for more than 4 years and still be comfortable. Democracy is a serious business and must have meaning; no matter the intimidation, harassment, abuses, radio jammings and GESTAPO style threats. Enough of the care-free, debauchee, mediocre Mahama and his NDC cohorts. Lets say that 100 times.

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles