Ghanaians demand feedback from VRA

Fri, 14 Aug 2015 Source: Andoh, Isaac Kyei

After six months of silence on Kofi Anokye’s answer to power crises

After six months since the CEO of Koans Building Solutions, Kofi Anokye suggested that water can be drawn from the sea or the Ada River to aid Akosombo Dam perform at full capacity, Ghanaians who have grown used to sleeping in darkness with no sight of light at the end of the tunnel are asking VRA Engineers to give feedback on the viability of the proposal or otherwise after six months after assurance from VRA to consider the proposal.

When Mr Anokye’s suggestion hit the headlines and discussed by a number of media outlets, engineers from VRA are on record to have given in to his suggestion and promised to do due diligence and see it’s viability because the main reason for the erratic power supply is simply down to inadequate water supply to the dam which has resulted in the shutting down of a number of turbines.

Reporters hit the streets of Accra and information gathered indicated that the people of Ghana are still waiting for VRA’s position on the recommendation given their failure to deal with the power problem despite countless promises and uncountable revised timelines.

Mr Anokye suggested that pipes could be laid from the Ada River and with the construction of various Chambers along the route to the Akosombo Dam, will ensure that there is adequate water for the dam.

He also believed that if this initiative is undertaken, the situation where the Akosombo Dam could not help in power generation at maximum capacity due to water shortage will be a thing of the past and effective end seasonal power outages and rationing the nation has been faced with over the past twenty years.

VRA are on record to have made this promise on Okay FM’s Adea Aky Ebia and in a separate publication by The New Crusading Guide back in February.

Interesting, Ghanaians who are said to be forgetful still have their minds on the promise due to failure by those in charge to supply power consistently.

A little background check done on the Koans Estate Boss just to ascertain if he is one to be taken seriously and the outcome was that he is known for innovation. Has made unmatched contribution to the Real Estate industry where he is already a giant with his company inducted into the Ghana Property of Fame after just a little over a decade since commencement.

He was mocked and ridiculed when he suggested that the bomboo in Ghana’s forest has the same tensile strength as the iron rod and therefore can be used for reinforcement instead of the more expensive iron rod without compromising the quality of the house to cut down on the cost of houses in Ghana .

Three years down the line, after expert from USA confirmed it, every major real estate giant has bought into this idea. He earned the same level of criticism when he suggested that plywood could be used for form work instead of boards and scare-folds but was eventually vindicated.

He additionally brought the idea of connecting multiple wells to supply water for building a whole estate. Until then, Estate Builders used water from Kpong at a very expensive price.

Engineer and project management expert, Mr Anokye has earned the right to be taken serious and Ghanaians are still waiting for the reaction of VRA Engineers after six months when this idea was made public with the originator committing himself to help if consulted.

Ghanaians want to know what has been done so far with regards to the recommendation and VRA must answer.

Columnist: Andoh, Isaac Kyei