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Ghanaians don't like people who provoke peace, NPP should prepare for 2021

I have said in most of my write ups that every part of our political body is important for our democracy. I know people in opposition are always bitter and long to see when that day will come. The day when they will be in power.

Therefore, as much as I would like to see fairness from the government departments,I would also like to see responsibility from opposition political leaders. We need a sane opposition. Not those welling to be beating with Passion and others.

We don’t need people who just say things without thinking just because they are in opposition. When someone says Ghana has a leadership crisis I say it is not true. The problem is that Ghana has no opposition. Why do I say so? We have some people who have no idea of what it takes to be a politician. We have people who don’t even have a proper leadership vocabulary as opposition leaders.

The strongest opposition for me is a government in waiting. That is where we should see leadership. But we don’t. The most shocking thing is that these people have followers. With people like Dr. Alhaji Mahamuru Bawumia as vice president of a party what do you expect!?.

There is no country where one will say I will go for the throat of the President and you are let to walk free. Whatever the beef between president Mahama and the New Patriotic Party. Nana Addo who is the owner of npp now crossed the line. He and other opposition leaders should know that the Presidency is an institution that must be respected by everyone.

In fact if it was in another country hon. Kennedy Agyepong would have been arrested just in minutes. Nana Addo has a very strong history of violence against his working colleagues, his workers and it is believed that he attempted to slapped his own campaign manager after he lost the General elections in 2008. Today he can say I will go for President John Mahama's throat and people are supporting him. Shocking!.

As Ghanaians we are peaceful people and we don’t like trouble makers. We don’t like people who provoke peace. Nana Addo and his team are doing that. They are doing that because they know for sure they are losing. Who has Alhaji Dr. Mahamuru Bawumia as vice president surely? Who has Hon Freddy Blay as adviser? Only a loser has those people. With this situation I am 100% sure Nana Addo will never be President of Ghana.

I have no kinds words for African opposition leaders who want to use violence, tribalism or people’s challenges just to get into power. Africa’s image has already been dented and the last thing we should do is to watch power hungry people like Dr. Bawumia and Nana Addo dent it more. And all those young people who are being used will regret. It will be your own baby my friend.

We don’t want clowns as leaders we want people who are willing to promote that peace we have been having. We want opposition leaders and a Think Thinks that is willing to help consolidate our ever growing democracy. We don’t need losers. And I know some of you don’t want to hear this your Nana Addo and his Vice President Dr. Bawumia are losing even this year. So please starting preparing how you are going to spend the next four years in Opposition. By the way if you are waiting for the Npp to win and give you a job. It will not happen. Just wise up and do something useful.

Ibrahim Hardi;contact 0208235615,email,bigkolaaya@yahoo.com

Columnist: Ibrahim Hardi