Ghanaians in the USA contemplating on Ghana Soccer Cup Competition

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Thu, 6 Aug 2020 Source: ghanasoccernet.com

As a soccer enthusiast, one sure thing is everyone would always wish to watch their country’s national team play. Also, no one would want to see their team lose.

This is the same case with the Ghanaians in the United States as they always love watching their national team play, more so, as the Black Stars, which is the senior national team.

Any win that comes with their team means a lot to them, and they also feel so much pain when things are not going right for their team.

What is The Ghana Soccer Cup Competition?

The Ghana Soccer Cup competition is a football match competition between the winners of the Ghana Premier League and the champions of the Ghanaian FA Cup in Ghana. It is a keenly followed match that betting fans can catch on Betway every year.

This specific competition is considered so important by the Ghanaian fans in the United States, where most of the Ghanaians play the game in Universities and the Major League Soccer (MLS).

The only issue is that the national teams have not been so regular to the US to play their matches and, therefore, why the Ghanaians in the US have set up the super cup competition.

Where Do the Players Come from?

Back in the United States, there are so many Ghanaians who have gotten their citizenship by birth. There are individuals who have been former Ghana footballers currently based in the US.

Amongst these people, there are so many football enthusiasts who would like to be associated with Ghana. In the past years that this match has been held, it has been considered important since it is one of the major African football games being held outside the country.

Why is This Match Considered So Important?

The Ghanaian soccer competition is considered important as it draws soccer fans from all over the country to cheer their favorite teams. In terms of revenue, it is always one of the greatest showpieces in the west African country attracting betting companies like Betway and other top brands. Considered a mega final of a kind, the Ghana Soccer Competition goes down as a match for homegrown talents with a dream to go abroad in bigger leagues. This means the game plays a very great role for Ghanaians in the united states as it brings them together.

When is the Match Held?

The specific period when the Ghana Soccer cup competition should be held is still in deliberations. Basing on the past records, the match has always been held during the summer of every year. Before the match, massive preparations are held with a partnership with various broadcasting stations. Fans usually watch the training sessions from their home as they try to find out how well prepared their teams are before the tournament kicks off.

Following the global Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of activities have had to be suspended, including all sporting events. Under normal circumstances, the match would have been played by now, but all plans were shelved to allow for deliberations on how to move the economy amid the pandemic. Whatever happens, bet on the competition, and the Ghana Premier League matches with Betway when the season gets back underway.

Source: ghanasoccernet.com
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