Is Lost Of Work Ethics Paying Off Towards Increasing Unemployment ...

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 Source: Appiah, Kwasi Isaac


Many Finnish employers are perplexed by a new generation of job applicant who do not seem to have a clue about the social skills necessary to hold a job."The recruits tend to interpret work hours freely and think that they can clock in and out whenever they please", says Anne Mikkola, a restaurateur, in an interview made by a Finnish national service broadcasting company. Code of conduct and dress also present difficulties. Especially in the service sector, employers often have to point out which types of attire are not appropriate. That the line between work private lives has blurred is also seen when recruits friends drops in at the workplace just to visit.

A question then arises here that, is the situations of Finnish different from what is happening down in the country (Ghana).Well, the only differences are the name of the countries in question and the nature of complexion of people living within these two different countries. Yet, the correct answer is big No – there is no difference, since we all come from human race and blood runs through us all.

It would be of help for up and coming graduates to acquire for themselves at least a clue about the social skills that would aid them hold a job for the first time. The situation and even individual conditions in most tertiary institutions makes things difficult in adopting or getting familiar more to these social skills. Over civilization and the so called globalization has also played it part by eating up our minds and misdirecting the youth into deviate way of learning, eating, dancing and even 'dressing'. The situation has even become worse in this world of computerized age.

On the other hand, some among others may be fortunate enough in getting well to do jobs at the end, but to hold it has been the problem. Personal observation in most workplace especially in the Government/public sectors, reviled that, the statement,' CODE OF CONDUCT' has been very critical to most employees in losing their control, position and the worse aspect , their jobs. In short, all of this fore mentioned MESS play down to our attitude and commitment level towards the kind of job, administration and institution we fall under. The BIBLE even pinpointed at Ecclesiastes 9:10a that, “all that your hand finds to do, do with your very power.... But these biblical admonitions to its utmost application in work places have been over looked. In expense of the Bible quotation above, there is no doubt, uncultured behavior and immoral ways of dressing have become rampant especially in the countries public sector. What and why then, are we not adopting good work ethics to cut down the rate of inefficiency and the accelerated unemployment situation in our workplaces and the country respectively? BEWARE GHANA.

By Appiah Kwasi Isaac

Columnist: Appiah, Kwasi Isaac