Ghanaman's Letter To God

Wed, 2 Mar 2005 Source: Okyem Duku

Dear God,

All Ghanaians know that you are God almighty and we believe in you. We know that you control our destiny. Majority of us attend all night prayers because we know that you are God whom when we cry to you, you respond! We know that you created all things, you created Satan and also the politician who is a kid brother to Satan, because both of them are greedy, selfish and liars! They all seek to destroy others for their own good. Sometime ago all Ghanaians with one accord prayed to you for a new king, you heard our prayers and gave us a new king; we all went to church and sang your praises for what you did for us. Not long afterwards we came back to enquire from you if our king is the actual one we asked for? For the king and his elders were supposed to look after us, give us food, clothing and shelter as the kings of Israel did, but our kings and his elder seem to be self-seekers, they have left the flock to fend for themselves amidst wild animals whilst they build themselves edifices and enjoy the good of the land. They have soon forgotten what your words say in Ezekiel 34: 1-6 that woe to the shepherds of ?Ghana? who have become feeders of themselves; Is it not the flock that the shepherd ought to feed!

Now some the people are saying that the king actually played the Jacob trick to become king by pretending to the people that he is the one to be anointed. Whatever it is, we know that you Almighty God are the maker and remover of kings this why I am sending you this letter. Please tell our king to be sensitive to our plight.

Now God, the worst people are the king?s elders, for they do not obey your laws, especially the Ten Commandments. They never read the holy book so they don?t know anything about the 7th and the 10th commandments which say ?You shall not commit adultery ? and ? you shall not covet your neighbour?s wife?. The other day it was one of the kings elders was running around with another man?s wife and another elder was busy commiting adultery in the land of the heathen. We even hear that other elders have turned to the worship of Baal and Ashtaroth because they say you take too long in responding to their requests.

As for the king, we are sure that his heart is with you oh God, or at least half of his heart because he sometimes goes to church; that is when he is not indulging in his favourite pastime of roaming about in the world, but we are not sure if he is a member of the Men?s Fellowship and if he pays his tithes, because if he paid his tithes it would have provided a few jobs for the jobless in his church considering his salary and allowances but there are still many unemployed in his church. The other day, he organised a prayer and fasting meeting to enquire from you even though I heard he himself did not pray, he let others to do the praying because he was not sure if you would listen to his prayer because of his elders!

We know also that you have blessed Ghana with many great prophets like Prophet Manu Othello, Prophet Joe Tetteh and others but when the king and the elders sin, your prophets don?t say anything, unlike the prophets of old, even if they say something, it is likely to be what the king likes to hear. The prophets have stopped fasting so they don?t hear your voice again, you can tell from their clothing that they wear that don?t fast anymore.

Please God, do something for the suffering Ghanaman before you appear in your second coming because we can't rely on our kings and prophets anymore. Lest I forget, please God don?t send our blessings through Tema Harbour again or else one of the big men will divert it for him alone. I write this through the holy name of Jesus.

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Columnist: Okyem Duku