Crisis in Tamale South Constituency of NDC

Thu, 26 Dec 2013 Source: Ali, Justice

Crisis in Tamale South Constituency of National Democratic Congress (NDC)

I wish to take this opportunity to refresh the minds of readers of the above topic. In both parts one and two of the topic TAMALE SOUTH OF NDC IN CRISSIS, I published the grievances of the Executives of some branches and wards in Tamale South Constituency of NDC which were vehemently disputed by the Constituency Secretary. In his quest to defend the Member of Parliament (MP) and the entire Constituency Executives, I was branded as a faceless person and a liar and that there is no area the MP has never visited since 2008.

However, this came to light when the MP upon the consistent threats of resignations and pressure by the Ward and Branch Executives of Jakarayili Electoral Area on the 14th of December, 2013 (Saturday) the Constituency Executives and the MP visited the area.

Due to the anger and the venom of insults the people planned for the constituency executives and the MP, the meeting was taken to a hidden place with some selected opinion leaders in order to calm down tempers, this however did not scare the people. The people poured out their anger and unsatisfactory performance of both the MP and the Constituency Executives and these reactions from the people scared the MP and the constituency executive to run for their dear lives.

The MP and the constituency chairman apologized to the people and accepted that they have neglected them for too long and promised to make amends to their poor performances. One of the opinion leaders said that they only vote for the party because of the love they have for the party and neither because of the MP nor the executives. Another opinion leader said that the MP is not a true NDC person but joined the party in the late 90s that is why and the fact that he has achieved his aim of making enough money. He added that it is high time they advised themselves not to vote again.

One branch executive told me that they are not fools again and that the MP is coming at this time not because he appreciate their effort and contributions they have made to the party but because constituency executives elections are just at the Conner, we are no more ready to die for people who will always take us for granted, he added.

The questions I want to ask the constituency secretary include:

? Who is a liar now? You Mr. Secretary or me?

? Is it now true that the MP does not visit all the areas under him or what?

? Do we have branches and wards executives who have resigned and others on the verge of resigning?

Stay on for those behind the agitations and the attacks on Hon. Inusah Fuseini, the MP for Tamale Central Constituency.

Written by Yakubu Ziyaba, An advocate for Development.0262021529

Columnist: Ali, Justice