Ghost penalty at Sunyani Coronation Park results in pitch stoning

Thu, 26 Dec 2013 Source: Raymond Yeboah

The motive behind football is to promote peace, all around the world but when it comes to Sunyani Coronation Park, it is different. The game is always war whenever senior Division One League sides, Bofoakwa and B/A United face each other at the venue, with their weapons being stones.

The match involving these two teams must be rated among the A categories in terms of security. The two teams hate defeat so referees appointed for each encounter of this matches must be a well standard and classic referee.

It is only at the Sunyani Coronation Park that one sees different colors of stones. When a stone is thrown at a Sunyani Coronation Park match, it doesn't miss its target.

If the Division One League board doesn't take care, a referee would be killed at the Sunyani Coronation Park one day. The referee during the recent midweek Division One League match involving Bofo and B/A, Tahiru Mohamed from Wa was a total apology of a referees in this country. He came into the game with the purpose of fixing the match into a draw, no wonder his decisions concerning the goal and the penalty awarded to both teams brought that mess. To me, the penalty awarded in favour of B/A was a horror one, only a bribed referee could translate the football law like that.

Nevertheless, Bofoakwa supporters and some of the management members too had no right to invade the pitch. The abrupt end of the game might be the cause of Bofo because the penalty awarded was against them but the stone pelted onto the pitch to my knowledge, wasn't Bofo supporters alone, many were involved, so serious investigation must be thoroughly done to punish the real culprits.

The National Sports Authority must order the teams to pay for the broken plastic chairs by the fans.

Sunyani coronation park too must be banned because what happened that Wednesday was pathetic for association football so the FA Disciplinary Committee must not tamper justice with mercy. What happened to Baba Yara Sports Stadium, Berekum Golden city park, Cape Coast stadium, Accra Sports Stadium, the temporary closure of such stadiums must be applied to Sunyani as well.

I am done.

Source: Raymond Yeboah