Give Discerning Ghanaians A Break Mister “Phantom Patriot”!

Tue, 6 Apr 2010 Source: Badu, K.

Enough is enough! Yes of course, I and many others were amongst your admirers, but needless to say, most of us have come to our senses! Why should I continue to stay at the corner of someone who bamboozled onto the scene under the pretext of eliminating the widespread sleaze and corruption, suffice it to say, he did not even get rid of malfeasances in his own erratic administration, let alone the entire nation! I’m really sorry to admit this, but with all honesty, “Messiah Rawlings” is a “phantom patriot”!

He goes about preaching probity and accountability, but fails to practice; he incites NDC youth (brats (to stand up against an elected government for what he sees as coarse governance. Does he think he is the only “Abrante” in town? In this day and age, every discerning statesman is thinking reflectively to find ways to move their respective countries forward, unlike dissolute Rawlings who only thinks of inciting trouble in the country.

This dissolute called Rawlings tempestuously murdered people with more than two cars and how many cars does he own now? He destroyed our educational system and then sent his children abroad; He was at war with rich men and women in the country; but nowadays, he is undoubtedly one of the richest men in the country!

According to his accomplices of 31st December 1981 Movement (armed robbery), “he bamboozled onto the political scene surreptitiously with the sole objective of enriching himself through the national coffers”. He used his cognitive skills on crime and with the help of some gullible individuals, took arms and robbed the nation.

According to one of his accomplices, just before mounting the 31st December 1981(armed robbery), “RAWLINGS brought out a bulletproof vest to wear. When one of the soldiers asked why he alone was protected, he argued that he got only one and it cannot be shared amongst them. More so, he was the leader and if he died, so many things would go wrong”. To cheer them up he said, “gentlemen, from now on you guys are going to prosper”. In what way are you going to prosper Mr. Rawlings? The preceding observation patently reinforces my long held opinion on trickster Rawlings that his ostensible purpose of supplanting power was to enrich himself.

In my humble opinion, the despotic revolutionary Rawlings is without doubt a machiavellian. Machiavellians tend to take a more detached, calculating approach in their interaction with other people. They tend to believe most people are concerned Only with their own well-being and to depend too much on anyone else is foolish. They believe the best way to get by is to use deception, rewards, promises, Flattery and even punishments to manipulate others into doing their bidding. To them, power may be more important than love. In terms of big five personality traits, Machiavellians tend to be low on agreeableness and conscientiousness. Some scholars and researchers have attempted to find a correlation between Machiavellianism and narcissistic personality disorder and Psychopathy. Robert Altemeyer found a correlation between Social dominance orientation and Machiavellianism.

It is an imperative necessity that discerning Ghanaians pay no attention to this phantom patriot’s effusions. Who does he think he is lampooning? I’m pretty sure he is making a mockery of himself. Let me honestly remind this prank that since his armed robbery twenty and over years ago, it is only gullible Ghanaian who does not know the kind of creature he (Rawlings) is. It is beyond my puzzlement that some gullible Ghanaians accept this man called Rawlings as indigene Ghanaian and real patriot, After all, his father is purported to be a “Jock” (Scottish) and his mother is arguably a Togolese national, Can he then be a real patriot? No! he is a phantom patriot and a liar!

I can hardly understand these usurper incoherent statements, not withstanding the fact that, urchin Rawlings supplanted power without any knowledge of his own, suffice it to say, he despotically ruled the nation and capriciously sunk the nation into the mire! This imposter (Rawlings) and his bunch of charlatans quixotically murdered innocent people on infinitesimal and pathetic reasons. Bloody con-man and disguised armed robber who robbed mother Ghana on that memorable 31st December 1981, under the pretext of acting as a peripheral Panacea. When this bamboozler came onto the scene, he vowed to get rid of corruption and challenged Ghanaians to “shoot” him if he fails. Isn’t that risible proclivity? Notwithstanding the fact that, Rawlings did not even get rid of corruption within his erratic government let alone the entire nation; needless to say, Rawlings cunningly spent wasteful twenty and over years; satisfied his ostensible objective by emptying the national coffers!

What leaves discerning Ghanaians with puzzlement is, with all his malfeasances and ultra-vires; he has the audacity to point accusing fingers. It is also worth pointing out that with all the atrocities meted on discerning Ghanaians during his autocratic rule, he managed to cover his misdeeds with the repugnant indemnity clause. Should I also poignantly remind Ghanaians, Rawlings is the god-father of violence. He behaves like street pugilist; constantly and vigorously attacking his own environs tempestuously.

In hindsight, if the self acclaimed “Messiah” has any decency at all, he would rather approach the leader of the party he funded with taxpayers’ money in a discreet manner if he feels aggrieve about President Mills “Residency” (sorry Presidency).


Columnist: Badu, K.