Give to Kusaug, what belong’s to Kusaug...

Sat, 16 Mar 2013 Source: Abugri, Haruna S.


In the temple, Jesus encounted with the Pharisees and the Herodians, as to whether it is lawful for them to pay taxes to Caesar. Although biblically this aspect of Jesus’ teaching has a lot of explanation and meaning, my interest here is differently focused. Having approached Jesus with their concerns of paying taxes to Caesar, Jesus in his divine blessed wisdom requested for a coin which was provided and then he asked them {Pharisees and the Herodians} to indicate who’s image was on the coin, and they answered -Caesar’s. Jesus then told them to give to Caesar, what belongs to Caesar and to God, what belongs to God.

As I indicated earlier, my point of focus is not the biblical implication of Jesus’ encounter with the Pharisees and the Herodians, but rather the practical refusal to render to man what is his, and to recognize where necessary. To make thing simple for my gallant readers, I will characterize myself in this article as the Pharisees and the Herodians{Ph} and the authorities am seeking answers from as Jesus{J} . I will now be P/H whiles the authorities here will now be J.

P/H to J- Is is lawful for us to give identities to properties regarding who owns them?

J to P/H- the issue here has to do with the real owner. What am saying is that we can do so, but we have to be sure as to who really owns that property.

P/H to J- What if it is a land or an area? How then do we identify the real owner?

J to P/H- we can identify the real owners of lands or areas by looking at the population strength of the various tribes or groups and the one dominating and of course happens to be the original settlers of that area.

P/H to J-in this sense, will the minority tribe/group be looked downed upon?.

J to P/H- no. There are so many areas that have been named after tribes. It is not a new thing at all.

P/H to J-is that how we have areas such as West Mamprusi, East Mamprusi, West Gonja among others?.

J to P/H- yes yes.

P/H to J-if so can we also have Bawku municipality as Kussasi Centra, Garu-tempane as Kussasi East, Pusiga as Kussasi west, Binduri as Kussasi North and Bawku west[ Zebilla] as kussasi south?. Lets I forget, what about the daylight robbery of identity here. I mean the sudden and unexplained manner in which Bawku sec has been changed from it original name Azoka sec to Bawku sec?

J to P/H- is that what has happened? Who did that? This is very sad.

P/H to J- so can we also have the above areas named as I have proposed as well as giving our hero a peaceful rest by renaming the school after him as it used to be?.

J to P/H- Hmmmmmmm.

At this point, Mr. J-standing in for the authorities, have hinted to me that he will like to rest and come back next time to answer me {P/H} the last question. But whiles I wait for J, I wish to call on my gallant readers and my comrades in particular to reflect on how Jesus used his simple answer to solve what biblical writers say was a tempted question aimed at destroying his image.

My stomach is widely opened to digest all criticisms regardless of where it is coming from. To my critics, let’s not forget that what is good for the Goose is equally good for the Gander.

Now that Mr. J has decided to rest for now, I will humbly wait till he returns next time. Mpo-us ya. I will be back very soon.


ABUGRI SUMAILA HARUNA. Abugrisumailaharuna@yahoo.com


Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.