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Giving meanings to words: BIG

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Sun, 12 May 2019 Source: Daniel Atsuvi

The first thing that comes into mind is about size. In business, it means big enough to swallow others or enough to compete with other big players. Today the spot light is on this word and some nuggets we can take from it. Therefore to be big is to be:


The process of boldness is built on a decision, actualization of the decision and maintenance of your choice. However it always has to compete fiercely with fear as it always stands in its way.

To venture into the big world is to take the leap of courage that comes through preparation. Often people think about boldness without noting that preparation plays a huge part in it building this trait. Bold making is a process of consistent preparation and continuous improvement. Be bold.


I am yet to see a cultivated plant blossom immediately. It goes through a process of at least planting and watering that enables the plant to grow gradually. Similarly, to be big is a matter of a step by step growth from one level to another. As famously said, “Rome was not built in a day.”

You cannot become big in a day. It takes a lot of consistent efforts. Invest more in the journey rather than the destination because the increase in the little steps will ultimately lead to the destination. Keep the game of consistency close to you.


Naturally, the best way to receive is to give first. Similarly your investment in giving through your efforts, your experiences and contributions are only the factors for becoming big.

Give as much as you can because as you can and you will receive as many as you deserve. Give learning and receive knowledge; give motivation, receive commitment. When you keep giving, your barrel of receiving will never be empty. Keep giving.

My journey to be big is with the boldness to decide and act, the intention of increase by growth and the glory of giving. We can only be big.

That’s what I mean.

Columnist: Daniel Atsuvi